Cloud Backup FAQ

Cloud backup is on the minds of IT leaders. While enterprise cloud backup solutions have been available for some time, adoption is now increasing. As IT organizations look to be more agile, lower costs provide the opportunity for innovation, many are looking to cloud backup. There are many questions about cloud backup solutions – from novices to more advanced data protection professionals.

Learn more about cloud backup, available enterprise cloud backup solutions and how they affect your IT data protection strategy.

Cloud backup – the basics

Cloud backup solutions

Cloud backup – how to get started

Comparing cloud backup to native cloud tools

Cloud backup – some technical questions

How do I get started with cloud backup?

With this information in hand, you can start to develop a cloud backup strategy that fits in your overall data protection plan. It’s important to first develop a general plan. Start by asking these questions:

  • What workloads will you choose for cloud backup?
  • What cloud or clouds will you use for backup?
  • What cloud storage levels will your backup need?
  • Do you have modern cloud backup solutions in place?

This is a big decision and all organizations have unique needs. Let’s set up a demo conversation – we’ll discuss your unique requirements and see how Commvault can help save money, prevent downtime, and give your organization the confidence and flexibility it needs now and into the future.