Comprehensive Workload Coverage from a Single Extensible Platform  

Achieve enhanced data security and complete recoverability for on-premises workloads.

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Commvault easily integrates with your existing platforms, meets the most stringent security guidelines and provides constant availability.

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Active defense and backup across any workload

Your on-premise solution to safeguard virtual machines, containers, databases, applications (including cloud), endpoints and files.

Stay resilient  

Comprehensively safeguard data from deletion, corruption, and ransomware attacks.

Mitigate risks  

Knowledge of sensitive data location and threat alerts enable quicker response times and less risk potential.

Flexibility & automation  

Automated and flexible recovery, allowing for near real-time RPOs and near-zero RTOs, through periodic replication.

How we do it

Comprehensive data protection and storage solutions  


Support for the widest array of deployed databases, plus integrations with many storage providers.


Complete protection for the latest in virtualization & hypervisor platforms. 


Secure storage, replication and migration of container workloads, with instant data availability across locations.


Multi-layered data security 
that detects proactively and ensures recoverability across 


Cost reduction, improved usage and management of storage capacity with insights across workloads.


Easy integration with existing platforms to meet stringent security guidelines.

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Baptist Health improved data backup and restoration processes using Commvault Cloud, resulting in significant time savings and data security enhancing patient care.

Featured Workloads

One Platform. Any Workload. Anywhere.

Learn more about our on-premises related supported technologies.

 Dell PowerProtect DD 

Maximize your PowerProtect DD’s with Commvault’s cyber resilience platform and Dell Technologies.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Solutions 

Secure your healthcare data and ensure recoverability with Commvault Cloud.


Fast and secure endpoint backup, flexible and granular restore that scales when you need to.

Apache Hadoop 

Efficiently protect large datasets in the petabyte range and beyond. 

Microsoft Active Directory

Secure your Microsoft AD and Azure AD data with complete identity and access management protection.

Oracle Database 

Safeguard enterprise databases from ransomware and other threats.


Flash-optimized cyber resilience and data security for the modern enterprise.

VMware vSphere

Broad support for VMware vSphere, Aria,  and more.

All supported platforms  

Browse our list of 250+ supported platforms. 

Protection and packages that fit your needs

Use our configurator to customize your cloud backup plan today. 


Introducing Commvault® Cloud

The leading platform for modern data protection, reimagined from the ground up to solve the challenges of the hybrid world.  

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