Public Sector 

Public Sector Cyber Resilience Depends On Data Resilience 

Commvault Cloud is now a data cyber resilience platform with FedRAMP® High status, designed to meet the stringent data protection demands of the public sector. Experience unparalleled effectiveness and efficiency at the best value.

Choose the best or second best?

Public Sector organizations choose Commvault as the most innovative technology for over 25 years with the best value and ease of use

Commvault Cloud is the industry’s only platform for true cloud cyber resilience that eliminates risk, minimizes damage, and ensures rapid recovery. 


Commvault Cloud simplifies data security for universities, schools, and research institutes – helping them achieve cyber resilience via unprecedented data visibility, protection across clouds and on-prem, and fast, reliable recovery at a fraction of the cost.  

State & Local Government 

Next-generation data protection and security empower state and local governments to safeguard critical data, proactively mitigate risks, minimize harm, and swiftly recover from any potential threats they may face. 

Federal Government 

 Our nation’s security and Public Sector needs incomparable data security protection and insights to ensure operational readiness, ransomware protection and mission accomplishment.  Commvault delivers while also meeting all the most stringent federal government cyber security and zero trust certifications, including FedRamp HIGH in Process status. 

did You know?

Commvault and the Public Sector 


of outages result in direct revenue loss.1 


Of total data in the specific DoD data center had not been accessed in two years.2 


of organizations experienced at least one unplanned downtime incident in a 3-year period.3 

1. Trili, The True Cost of Downtime: 21 Stats You Need to Know, August 2022.
2. Results from onsite analysis with Commvault FSO tool supporting EITaaS contract. 
3. Sundeep V. Ravande, Forbes, Unplanned Downtime Costs More Than You Think, February 2022.  
Why Commvault 

Cloud Smart demands trusted & experienced partners  

Commvault’s proven track record comes from partnering with industry leaders at the outset to create native cloud solutions. 

Commvault capabilities  

Commvault leads the next generation data protection leveraging AI and ML for active defense and rapid recovery of operations.  

Data Protection Services 

Be proactive with data protection that spans your entire landscape, covering all workloads through a unified global Command Center. 

Foundational Protection 

Stay ahead of evolving threats using encryption, application hardening, zero trust principles and more. 

Forensics & Monitoring 

Get real-time data analysis for increased visibility and control over data. 


Automating processes and reducing IT complexity create seamless integration. 

AI & ML 

AI and ML drive data management efficiencies improving overall operational effectiveness. 

Governance & Compliance  

Prevent data breaches, manage risk and ensure ethical data handling for compliance with GDPR, HIPPA, and more. 

Storage & Optimization 

Reduce costs, rapidly recover data and manage storage capacity. 

Unified Management 

Consolidate, control and analyze data in one centralized location.