Manage Costs and Risks While Meeting Compliance Objectives

Informed data placement for costs savings and compliance ready archive – all delivered with the simplicity of SaaS.

Informed Data

Free up expensive storage. Predict costs and move inactive data to less expensive storage. Align storage SLAs and quality of service to optimize the cost of delivery.

Actionable Data

Model decisions, set policies, and drive impact analysis based on data insights. Automate policy-based information lifecycle management.


Secure by design, immutable, and compliance-ready archive delivered with the context and controls of the source environment.

Got a Need? Consider It Covered

Informed Data Placement

  • Predict archive costs for accurate, more informed archiving decisions.
  • Lower costs and risk by meeting the Quality of Service (QoS) needs of the data.
  • Flexible bring your own storage options.

Actionable Data Insights

  • Develop policies using simple, dynamic dashboards for drill-down analysis.
  • Automatically age data to cost-optimal storage after the retention period expires.
  • Full and granular metadata search with tagging to accurately find archived data.

Trusted Archive

  • Tamper-proof immutable architecture.
  • Data security with granular role-based access.
  • Prove compliance with comprehensive audit trails.



Informed data placement for a compliance-ready archive

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