Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS200c
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EMEA and India

The ETERNUS CS200c is available in two licensing options.

Backend Terabyte (BET) licensing that matches the usable storage capacity. When you add more disk, the licensing is included with it. A great way to start using Commvault.

Unlicensed option for use with Commvault's front-end terabyte (FET) licensing. Use your existing capacity or buy additional capacity as needed. This appliance model is an easy way to quickly deploy new Commvault media agents that are scale- and performance-optimized into your existing environment. The option you choose is based on your specific needs. Fujitsu acts as single point of contact for hardware, software and services.

Feature BET Foundation BET Advanced FET(DPA)
Protection for files and NAS

Protection for virtual machines (VMs) – capacity-based

Source-side Deduplication and Replication

Commvault OnePass™ for backup and file archiving

App and database agent support for MS (Exchange, SQL, Active Directory & SharePoint), Linux, Oracle, and SAP Add-on


Basic Endpoint Backup (includes DLO clients, admin recovery, end user access/recovery)

Basic reporting

Cloud integration

Snapshot integration Add-on Add-on

Tape support Add-on

Search and eDiscovery *
Operational Analytics/Metrics *
Solution Sets: E-mail Archiving; Endpoint Data Protection (DLP, search, secure file sharing); & Virtualization (per VM or per socket) *

* Supported feature upon request, but not recommended with BET licensing option.

Every environment is unique. Please talk to your sales rep to see which option is best for you.