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Office 365 Data Backup and Protection


Microsoft Office 365 provides the tools you need to be more productive and efficient. However, did you know that keeping your Office 365 data safe and compliant is your responsibility? Commvault helps you maximize and protect your Microsoft Office 365 investment by providing a comprehensive platform that delivers the best in backup, recovery, archiving, search and discovery.



The benefits of using Commvault for Office 365 backup

Comprehensive data protection:
All your assets in Office 365 and on Windows 10, plus all other data on-premises and in the cloud, are protected and fully recoverable with industry-leading backup and recovery.

Reduced migration costs:
Archiving inactive or legacy user mailboxes reduces the amount of data being moved to Office 365, resulting in decreased project costs.

Reliable data access:
Quickly recover from data loss by storing backup copies of Office 365 data, and other assets across cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

Compliance made easy:
Reduce compliance risk and avoid fines with all-inclusive data collection, plus high-speed search and discovery.

Faster Office 365 migration:
Archive redundant, outdated and trivial on-premises data, shortening the migration cycle by ensuring you move only your business-critical data to the cloud.

Simplified administration:
Efficiently and seamlessly manage your on-premises and Office 365 deployments from a single, integrated console.

Complete the Office 365 picture

If you’ve made, or are in the process of making, the shrewd decision to move to Office 365, how do you ensure your data will be protected, accessible and recoverable if something goes wrong? What’s the best way to keep migration costs and timelines under control? How will you maintain compliance with GDPR and other government and business regulations?

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Commvault can be trusted to protect and secure your data, all the while ensuring access to your important business assets.

Practice Safe SaaS! Protect Your Office 365 Data with Commvault Software

Your complete Office 365 data protection solution


Get comprehensive, policy-driven data protection and recovery for all your Office 365 and on-premises data.


Save time and increase efficiency by reducing the amount of data to be migrated to the cloud.


Enhance your organization’s data governance framework to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

With Commvault, you get a unified backup and recovery solution for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and any other data located on-premises or across multiple clouds. By storing backup copies of your assets outside of the Office 365 environment, it’s quick and easy to recover data from deletion, corruption or ransomware attacks.

Commvault helps to complete your migration of on-premises Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint sites faster, and more efficiently, by archiving redundant and outdated data before moving to Office 365. This means only your most recent, business-critical data is moved to the cloud.

Proactive data collection and high-speed search and discovery across Office 365 and other data repositories simplifies regulatory compliance. Commvault uses native Office 365 journaling policies to build a defensible, compliant copy for data preservation. Automate the retention of important data, so that you keep all the data you need — and none that you don’t.

Get the most from Office 365.