Command Center

A single, unified view for managing your entire data environment.

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Streamline and secure your data landscape

Visibility and control across your entire data protection estate, spanning clouds, regions, apps, on-prem and edge workloads.

Simplify data management

A single view for monitoring and managing your entire data estate.

Improve operational efficiency

Save time on routine data protection and recovery tasks by customizing your data protection environment with everything you need in one place.

Enhance security

Monitor security posture and assess risks across workloads.

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The VKB-Bank IT team easily monitored successful backups, reduced data management cycles and empowered the staff.

how we do it

Unified visibility and control 

Broadest protection coverage

Protection for devices, file systems, databases, applications, workflows, containers, and on-prem, virtual or cloud-based workloads.

Full customizable dashboard

Delivers health-at-a-glance, risk levels, security and recovery indicators, and beyond for Commvault investments.

Policy based control

Own the operations and automate polices to expedite basic tasks.

Multi-tenant support and RBAC

Enables self-service, reducing load on IT staff.

Visibility and actionable insights

Gain a consolidated view of your data landscape across all deployment forms.


Easily integrate with existing third-party platforms to streamline operations and enhance your security posture.

Related capabilities

Backup and Recovery

Complete backup and recovery of all workloads across on-premises and the cloud.

Risk Analysis

Effortlessly secure and defend sensitive data across their entire infrastructure. Gain visibility into data risks to easily identify.

Auto Recovery

Automated proactive cyber recovery through multi-layered data protection to reduce recovery time in the event of a disaster.


Commvault® Cloud

The leading platform for modern data protection, reimagined from the ground-up to solve the challenges of the hybrid world.

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Powered by Metallic® AI

Metallic AI is the engine that powers Commvault Cloud. It leverages a powerful mix of ML and automation that identifies and tags sensitive data using static or dynamic patterns to identify diverse patterns.

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