Microsoft Sentinel

Unify IT and Security teams by leveraging the combined insights and visibility of Commvault and Microsoft Sentinel.

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Unite data protection and security

Our deep integration with Microsoft Sentinel helps to streamline complex security operations and efficiently maintain a robust security posture.

Enhance security posture

Commvault’s anomaly alerts enhance visibility for SecOps teams, enabling them to identify risks and fortify backup data against potential threats.

Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration between backup and SecOps teams by providing essential context and insights between Microsoft Sentinel and Commvault.

Reduce incident response time 

Save time and accelerate incident response with automated actions in the Microsoft Sentinel platform – no need to access multiple interfaces.

Keep your data safe with seamless integration

Our pre-built integration enables security analysts to swiftly respond to threats using automation workflows and playbooks to limit the impact of cyber threats on their production and backup data and remain cyber resilient – without multiple interfaces or manual interventions.

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Evolutio ensures data readiness and reduces costs with Commvault and Metallic

“[Commvault] is the pill that you take if you want a good night’s sleep. It gives us extreme confidence that our data is 100% secured.”