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Disaster Recovery to Azure with Commvault

Virtual Machines | Files & Operating Systems | Applications & Databases

Options for remote recovery of systems in the event of a disaster, have dramatically opened up with many Service Providers around the globe offering IaaS for your organization to use, as and when needed, negating the need to procure racks of hardware which lay dormant for 99% of their lifetime.

Clear leaders in the IaaS industry Microsoft Azure, offer incredible savings in time and cost with use of their IaaS platform for DR purposes. Commvault’s industry leading data and information management close the gap in leveraging these facilities. With deeply integrated technology into Azure services, Commvault has made moving, updating and recovery of systems to the cloud, in a controlled and secure manner a reality, allowing organizations to refine the process of recovering their systems.

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Recover critical systems to Azure with certainty & ease

For C-level executives

  • Align cloud strategy & DR policy
  • Take advantage of cloud economics
  • Dramatically Reduce DR infrastructure costs
  • Improve service levels
  • Superior success rates

For IT managers

  • Modernize DR Solutions
  • More time to focus on DR processes
  • Software Defined, avoid vendor lock in
  • Reduce DC footprint and energy costs
  • Compliance through highest levels of encryption and security controls

For server admins

  • Convert VM’s to Azure VM’s in two clicks
  • Integrated Azure VM provisioning
  • Automate tasks via Workflow Engine
  • Deduplicate and compress directly to Azure Storage
  • Administration via single platform

Recover to Cloud Compute Resources Virtual & Physical Machine Conversion Tools

DR to cloud compute and negate unnecessary, underutilized hardware cost

Automate Recovery Processes Effectively Workflow Automation Engine


Off-site data migration to Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Connector

Short to long term retention and archive to multiple cheaper tiers of storage

Ensure Business Continuity - with a Modern Disaster Recovery Approach

The average enterprise has realized that the old patchwork of point products for data protection is no match for current data volumes.

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Cold/Warm disaster recovery to azure

  1. Deduplicated backup to Commvault Media Agent (standard deduplication building block design). Short term recovery points are retained on-premises to deliver fast, local-based restores.
  2. Deduplicated assisted copy to Azure (DASH copy) over direct Internet IPsec VPN tunnel and/or ExpressRoute. Recovery points in Azure become an independent, discrete second copy of the data. No gateway/specialist hardware required (all software-driven).
  3. VM restore & convert into new Azure VM’s, or application out-of-place restores (ie. SQL, MySQL, Exchange, File) to existing instances. Destination MA can be powered off when not in-use for cost savings.

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Azure Platform Support & Features

Supported Cloud Platform Supported Cloud Storage
Microsoft Azure Compute Microsoft Azure Block Blob Storage
  Microsoft Azure Page Blob & Disk Storage
Azure Integration Technology Standard Features & Functionality
VM Conversion Hyper-V to Azure Compression (Client and Server Side)
VM Conversion VMware to Azure Deduplication (Client and Server Side)
Cloud Storage Connector (No Gateway) Indexing (Meta-Data)
VM Lifecycle Management Policy Based Encryption (In-Flight & at Rest)
VM Provisioning Reporting
  Granular File Restore (In & Out of Place)
  Full Server Restore (In & Out of Place)
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