Don’t let your remote offices be islands of stranded data

If you are like most organizations, not all of your enterprise data is created within the walls of your data center. It could have been created on endpoint devices, in remote offices, branch offices, or even in the cloud. According to Gartner, up to 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created outside of the data center by 2022.1 Any data created outside of the data center creates a new set of challenges for enterprises. The issues range from identifying the data, to managing and moving it, to ultimately protecting it. Without these capabilities, the data is isolated and is unable to be used for its intended purpose. In other words, you have islands of stranded data, and worse, are at risk of losing that data forever in the event of a disaster or malicious attack.

Challenges of protecting remote office data

There are a number of factors that make managing and protecting remote office data more difficult, but here are four (4) common challenges:

  • IT skill set: ranging from the lack of dedicated or shared IT resources to their level of data protection knowledge.
  • Disparate or point products: standalone products that may be different from what is deployed at corporate or requires heavy integration making management and support more difficult and time-consuming.
  • Inconsistent policies and service levels: too often remote offices are handled on a “best-effort basis” or service levels are inconsistent.
  • Greater risk of data loss: often data protection best practices have great intentions, but their execution is lacking. For example, secondary backup copies may be regularly produced, but are not being rotated and stored off-site for disaster recovery.

Solving the islands of data challenges

One of the ways organizations solve the data protection challenges of remote offices is with converged or hyperconverged solutions, including the use of backup appliances. A backup appliance consolidates the operating system (OS), backup and recovery software, compute, storage, and networking components into a single device. It is fully integrated and managed through a single user console, and appliances are easier to deploy, which is particularly attractive in remote sites.

As ESG noted in a recent survey, enterprises have several reasons for deploying a converged infrastructure at remote offices; including improving staff efficiency, simplifying infrastructure, and streamlining operations.

The Commvault approach to protecting remote offices

To better manage and protect remote office data, Commvault offers the Commvault® Remote Office Appliance to ensure consistent data protection wherever your data resides.

  • Reduce the need for local IT resources. As part of a Commvault backup environment consisting of either Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery and/or Commvault HyperScale™, your corporate IT staff can manage and protect all of your remote data through a single user interface. They can create local backups, restore locally, and even replicate copies back to corporate or the cloud for greater DR protection. You now have the power to view, manage, and protect all of your data wherever it lives, including remote offices.
  • Simplify your remote office infrastructure. Commvault Remote Office Appliance is a fully integrated appliance that converges compute, storage, and backup software in order to protect your data. No longer does your team have to assemble a bill of materials, install and integrate multiple components, or use separate consoles for different components. Built on the powerful simplicity of Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery, Commvault Remote Office Appliance provides a single solution that is easy to purchase, install, and manage. In addition, the entire solution is supported by a single vendor. Commvault addresses all of your software and hardware needs with industry leading customer support.
  • Deliver consistent service levels wherever the data lives. A Commvault backup environment has built-in tools to allow you to streamline your operations with consistent and efficient services. You can centrally manage your remote data, set policies, use automation, and enable self-service capabilities wherever your data lives using the Commvault Command Center™. You can even offer tiered services (such as gold, silver, or bronze levels), based on geography, size, business units, or other factors you select. By providing end-users or application owners the ability to manage and perform pre-approved tasks within guidelines that you establish, it leads to a higher level of service and greater end-user and IT efficiency.
  • Provide greater data availability and data protection. With Commvault you are able to centrally manage your remote data and to set policies to deliver improved service levels, including recovery point and recovery time objectives. For example, you could create a backup policy for copies to remain on-site for a specific number of days for faster restores as the data is local. You could also replicate copies back to the corporate office or cloud for disaster recovery needs. In either case, you have an offsite copy, or multiple copies, for greater data protection in the event of a disaster or threat. And all of this can be automated using the Commvault Command Center.

What is the Commvault Remote Office Appliance?

Commvault Remote Office Appliance provides the powerful simplicity of Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery in a cost-effective, data protection solution that addresses the challenges of supporting remote and branch offices.

Commvault Remote Office Appliance is a 1U appliance and is offered with either 4.5 or 14.5TB of usable capacity. You can centrally manage local backups and recoveries, and replicate copies to your corporate site or cloud for greater data protection. In addition, as a fully integrated appliance it simplifies the acquisition, installation, management, and support that often hinders remote staff.

With the Commvault Remote Office Appliance you can protect, access, and use all of your data wherever it exists, from remote offices to corporate offices and into the cloud.


Commvault Remote Office Appliance extends the benefits of a Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery or Commvault HyperScale environment to eliminate islands of data. Now you have a way to manage and protect your remote data with a simple and cost-effective solution, while improving your service levels and availability. Put a stop to marooned data in your remote offices.