Remote backup as a service

Solution highlights

  • Cost-effective and reliable modern data protection for RBaaS workloads
  • Predictable data protection costs through well-defined service plans
  • Enhanced capabilities and reduced administrative overhead with self-service restore
  • Eliminate the need to acquire, implement and absorb costs associated with acquisition of backup software and subject matter expertise in-house


While customers may desire to keep workloads running on premises in the age of cloud, their expectations for the workload generally remain the same. A highly available, protected, managed environment with predictable costs, and subject matter expertise bundled as part of the service.

However, many organizations do not look at their data protection needs until a disaster occurs. Opting instead to operate an expensive backup environment, this creates unnecessary consumption of resources, administrative overheads and additional hidden costs. In many cases, customers do not realize they can save both time and money, and improve their ability to restore data and services by switching to an RBaaS backup offering supplied though a Service Provider.

Remote Backup as a Service (RBaaS) powered by Commvault, provides protection to remote virtual machines, files, and applications that a Service Provider does not host on-premises. It provides an opportunity for Service Providers to address an organizations critical data management pain points by packaging the technology and expertise into a single offering.

Customizable service plansIncrease profits by offering additional service options and extras to meet clients use case.
Point in time restoreRestore the system state of a client, backed up on a specific date and time.
Self service provisioningEnable tenant pull down of services as needed and remove high touch management.
Pre-packaged service solutionsQuickly launch and deliver new services with standardized data management blueprints
Multi-tenant workflowsExtendable, automated processes for onboarding new tenants reducing time to delivery.
Workflow automationAutomate complex end to end processes with a fully customizable workflow system.
API integrationIntegrate the data management platform with your preferred systems using an open REST API reducing need for additional technology spend.
Integrated cloud storage optionsSeamlessly extend reach with unrivaled cloud storage integration.
Broad platform supportUnmatched integration from a common platform supports VMware and Hyper-V, Windows, Linux and Unix Operating Systems, including HP UX, IBM- AX and Solaris, Applications including SAP, Exchange, SQL, PostgreSQL, and others.


Commvault’s experience in data management delivers top-of-the-class features and functionality required to power and manage an RBaaS offering at scale, increasing the value proposition and go-to-market power for Service Providers.