Endpoint Protection

Protection. Security. Visibility. Realizing the value of endpoint data protection.

With more business information being created and stored outside the data center than ever before, protecting endpoint data at the edge of your network has become a priority for IT leaders.

To mitigate the risks from data breaches, human error, ransomware and other threats, you need the ability to find, secure, protect and control of all your data — wherever it resides.

Webinar: Don't Ignore Endpoint Data Protection in Your Data Management Plans

Growing threats to data on edge of the network

If you’re not centrally backing up and securing your endpoint data, it’s at risk of being lost, deleted, stolen or held for ransom — potentially jeopardizing your reputation and your business. Manually searching endpoints for sensitive data leaks won’t cut it, because it can’t be done without impacting or involving end users — making it difficult to extend compliance and eDiscovery efforts.


Only 36% of organizations believe they have ample resources to minimize IT endpoint risk throughout their organizations.1

Enterprise desktop and laptop data — protected and controlled

With Commvault you can protect and secure end-user data to mitigate risk from any number of threats. You can also regain visibility and control over endpoint and cloud file-share data for compliance and litigation purposes — all from a single solution. In addition, you’ll improve productivity for end users and IT through self-service, collaboration, secure file-sharing and real-time mobile access.


Webinar: Endpoint Data Protection as a Service

Protect data

From a single platform with Commvault you'll get a wide range of tools to protect your data on endpoints, helping you ensure business continuity and mitigate company and regulatory risk.

  • Self-service access to browse, search and restore files
  • Automatic scheduling, bandwidth throttling and backup execution to eliminate any user disruption
  • Collect and secure information from endpoint devices with no end-user impact

Secure data

By securing your desktop and laptop data with Commvault, you’ll be able to recover lost or stolen devices and maintain data accessibility in the event of a disaster or loss.

  • Critical, reliable backup secured in the data center
  • Anomaly detection to mitigate risk from ransomware
  • Geo-location device tracking with remote wipe
  • Periodic file/folder level data encryption
  • Enterprise file sync and share

Find data

With Commvault you'll centralize visibility of data types, location and permissions so you can find relevant files faster. This means you'll be able to comply more easily with privacy regulations, accelerate audits and discovery efforts, and ultimately get the most out of your intellectual property via:

  • Single pass, anytime search of all laptop data
  • Advanced keyword search for compliance and eDiscovery
  • Rich logging and reporting of end-user file-sharing transactions
  • File, custodian and device legal-hold workflow

1 The 2017 State of Endpoint Security Risk Report - Ponemon Institute, November 2017

2 Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis, IDC January 2016, Phil Goodwin, Randy Perry.