Microsoft Hyper-V Data Management

Whether you’re looking to protect your data and applications or optimize VM utilization, Commvault helps you get the most out of your Microsoft Hyper-V environment.

With centralized management of all your Hyper-V virtual machines, Commvault makes it easy to protect hundreds of VMs — including business-critical applications — and get a consistent view of all your VM data. Our software combines VM provisioning and robust backup and recovery with the broadest hardware snapshot integration and the capability to manage both private or public clouds — including Microsoft Azure — all in one scalable, efficient solution. With Commvault, you also get the flexibility to restore physical server backups into Hyper-V or your Hyper-V backups into VMWare — whatever your disaster recovery strategy demands.

Smart Backup Rapid Recovery

Smart backups, rapid recovery

By providing multiple options for data protection, retention and recovery, including backups, snapshots and archives in a single solution, Commvault helps you achieve optimal protection and recovery for every situation. You can automate VM protection according to flexible auto-discovery rules to ensure no virtual machine goes accidentally unprotected. Global source-side deduplication keeps your backups lean, while backing up off-host minimizes impact on your VM operations. And with Commvault, your backups and hardware snapshots are easily accessible and searchable, even after being archived, making it fast and simple to recover single files or entire virtual machines.


Accelerate virtual machine recovery

With Commvault, you can protect hundreds of virtual machines in minutes — and scale to manage thousands of VMs with simple, policy-based discovery, installation, backup and reporting. With a single solution for your entire Microsoft Azure environment, you can efficiently protect data across remote offices, data centers and disaster recovery sites.

Snapshot support for Hyper-V

Our software also includes hardware snapshot management support for both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware. We can help ease your migration to Hyper-V with the ability to restore VMware backups and archives located in the cloud. You can even convert VMware clusters to Hyper-V format from inside the Azure cloud.



Get optimal use out of all your infrastructure

With Commvault, you can minimize your licensing costs and manage asset usage effectively, ensuring your data environment reflects your organization’s application and data needs. Our policy-based storage tiering allows you to retain VM data based on business value and need in your Hyper-V environment.

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