Microsoft Azure Data Management

From day-to-day backup and recovery to long-term archiving and disaster recovery, Commvault makes it easier to move your data and workloads to and from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

More and more, organizations are migrating applications and extending workflows into their Azure cloud or building them there from scratch. As Microsoft’s Server Platform Partner of the Year1 and a Microsoft partner for more than a decade, Commvault makes it easy to integrate Microsoft Azure with your existing data center to maximize the benefits of both, with minimal risk and maximum flexibility.

Maximize your Microsoft cloud strategy

Commvault has worked closely with Microsoft for nearly two decades. We’re a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and were named a Server Platform Partner of the Year.2 On top of that, we have relied on Azure for our own data protection, disaster recovery and archive strategies since 2008. That experience, combined with our Microsoft-centric architecture, helps you get more value from your cloud resources.


A simpler approach to cloud backup and recovery

Connecting your backups to the Azure cloud has never been easier. Backup and recover your virtual machines, structured data and unstructured data with speed and scale. Stay agile by easily moving data between your on-premises infrastructure and the Azure cloud. And because our solution is natively integrated with Azure storage services like Azure Blob Storage (both hot and cool), there’s no need for additional infrastructure components to get your data to the cloud. This means you can reduce your storage costs while retiring old tape systems and moving data offsite more efficiently.

We treat the public cloud like any other backup target, applying the same data recovery and retention policies as we do for local disks and other devices. All the underlying technologies that power our backup and recovery — security, encryption, deduplication and more — are extended to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about complex scripting, extra software or third-party API connectivity. It’s all integrated in a single end-to-end solution with pre-built workflows and simplified image creation to reduce both backup costs and risk.

Backup of Azure VMs

Workloads running on public cloud infrastructure often go unprotected: in many cases, users simply copy their data to another availability group or region. But if that data becomes corrupted, it won’t take long to realize that replication alone doesn’t provide the recoverability options you actually need. Commvault makes it easy to protect cloud-native workloads or workloads that have been migrated to the cloud with a robust set of options for data protection in Microsoft Azure.

Commvault was one of the first backup and recovery solutions to provide natively integrated, agentless backup for Azure virtual machines. This gives you greater scalability and management efficiency in the way you apply data protection to your workloads. Application-specific agents can also be installed on any Azure virtual machine, providing the highest level of recovery granularity and flexibility for your critical workloads running in the Azure cloud.

Disaster recovery in the cloud

Disaster recovery is among the top use cases for both the private and public cloud. The cloud allows you to extend disaster recovery functionality to a greater number of workloads — including those where it had been previously unaffordable to do so — with less complexity and the benefit of on-demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure.

With Commvault and Azure, you can operationalize and optimize disaster recovery in the cloud through a truly automated, end-to-end solution that features pre-built workflows along with simplified provisioning and image creation. It’s about turning a public or hybrid cloud into a natural extension of your data center. You get the same level of security, control and access management as your on-premise hardware but with the speed, flexibility and cost savings of the cloud.

Moving workloads to the cloud

Commvault can help you move your workloads across platforms in just a few clicks — accelerating your time-to-value when migrating to Microsoft Azure. By leveraging your backup copies, our solution reduces risk during the migration process and simplifies native moves to and from Microsoft Azure. Plus, our advanced authentication and encryption protocols assure data security to, from and in the cloud when migrating your business-critical workloads (such as those for compliance, data governance and backup).

We can also help you get more value from your Azure investment with advanced orchestration, provisioning and management capabilities — so you can increase productivity, accelerate delivery and realize the true economics of the cloud.

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1,2 Microsoft 2014 Server Platform Partner of the Year.