You rely on OpenStack to simplify and extend your data center infrastructure. Commvault lets you extend that simplicity to data protection with a fully-integrated OpenStack solution that can help you meet your unique data protection needs, both now and in the future.

OpenStack instances combat challenges

The promise of a highly scalable, tenant-focused, and vendor-agnostic cloud framework is what makes OpenStack appealing to so many organizations. As more enterprises deploy this open source, community-driven solution, a need for enterprise-grade protection that is both OpenStack-aware and integrates with its native APIs becomes a requirement. This allows them to run OpenStack cloud instances as production workloads. Additionally, being conceived to run Mode 2 Virtual Machines (VMs), OpenStack is continuously evolving, making it a multi-mode cloud with diverse use cases and its own unique challenges.

Performs OpenStack instance

protection of both traditional and next-gen workloads

Tenant-aware self-service

Via Commvault Command Center™ – a web-based admin console user interface

Native “top-down” cloud integration

Using OpenStack Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Simplified Service Level Agreement

(SLA)-based protection plans

With great power comes great responsibility

With a massively scalable and distributed nature, OpenStack environments often encompass thousands of VMs. Built-in self-service helps shift control to the end-user, resulting in administrators frequently not knowing which types of workloads are living in their OpenStack cloud. Additionally, traditional and next-gen VMs co-mingle within the same cloud with multiple differing storage requirements. To address these complex challenges, Commvault offers an SLA-based protection solution with multiple tiers of access (from tenant to admin) that can quickly scale-out to meet the demands of a fast-growing OpenStack environment.

Global management and proactive monitoring

Use a single interface to recover data to any managed OpenStack cloud.

Cloud aware integration

Protection infrastructure is hidden from tenants, to minimize impact on quotas and tenant resources

Simplified deployment and administration

VMware-to-OpenStack conversions facilitate workload migration.

Backup and recovery

Native snapshot integration with OpenStack Cinder and Nova, for uninterrupted protection from the cloud layer.

Easy peasy functionality

As a software-based solution, Commvault provides extreme flexibility in deployment options. Commvault also offers an integrated solution with its Commvault HyperScale™ technology that combines all aspects of the data management platform in a scale-out system. For OpenStack, Commvault utilizes a hot-add protection methodology, so additional protection proxies can be easily and quickly deployed to meet the needs of your business. A single management interface consolidates all configuration, management, and reporting tools into a simple-to-operate portal, greatly reducing your administrative burden.

Native integration with OpenStack

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides native integration with OpenStack and enables you to set application-specific policies. Hedvig provides block and object storage for OpenStack via Cinder and Swift integrations.

Storage as a service platform for OpenStack Cinder and Swift

To move faster and capitalize on new opportunities an new level of agility in provisioning applications and infrastructure is required. OpenStack provides a comprehensive set of software tools for building and orchestrating private and public clouds, helping organizations achieve a faster time-to-market with infrastructure-as-a-service automation.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is a perfect fit for production OpenStack deployments, transforming commodity hardware into an elastic, resilient, modern storage solution that keeps pace with changing business requirements.

  • In-place traditional storage solutions lack flexibility for OpenStack clouds.
  • Open-source solutions like Swift/Ceph lack features and are too complex for enterprises.
  • Lack of a hybrid solution with existing storage prevents seamless use of public cloud.
  • Improve performance and scalability of storage in OpenStack environments.
  • Provide enterprise grade capabilities and reliability for OpenStack in production environments.
  • Eliminate downtime with VMs that can failover between private and public OpenStack clouds.

  • Cinder driver and Swift interfaces certified against latest OpenStack distributions.
  • Built-in, multi-site replication overcomes limitations in Ceph and Swift.
  • Support for VMware and Docker reduces complexity among heterogeneous IaaS platform.
  • Native OpenStack Cinder and Swift support provides full block, file, and object interfaces
  • Native integration into OpenStack Horizon for control of volume and container provisioning
  • Instant snapshotting and zero-copy cloning for rapid creation of test volumes
  • Thin provisioning, global dedupe, and compression for minimal data footprint
  • Secure hybrid cloud support for movement of data from private and public clouds like AWS