Comprehensive Cyber Resiliency for Splunk Data

Commvault integrates with the native Splunk APIs to provide proper cyber resilient data protection, retention and recoverability.

Enhancing Data Protection for Splunk with Cyber Resiliency

Recover your Splunk data with a comprehensive cyber resilient data protection platform.

Simplified Data Recovery

Easily recover Splunk data from multiple failure points and alternate targets.

Comprehensive Cyber Resiliency

Leverage a proper cyber-resilient platform for advanced data capabilities like encryption and storage reduction.

Consistent Management

Protect, recover, and manage your Splunk data in alignment with your critical data security measures.

Commvault and Splunk

Comprehensive data protection for Splunk

Be confident that all of your Splunk indexes are protected from corruption or loss with Commvault’s comprehensive cyber-resilient data protection solution. 

Simplified Data Management

Streamline data management for your Splunk environment with Commvault’s single solution for protection, management, and recovery.

Secure and Flexible Data Protection 

Confirm the security and flexibility of your Splunk data with Commvault’s encryption, customizable retention, and easy restore capabilities.

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Cyber Threat Protection and Recovery 

Minimize the risk of threat occurrences and help accelerate your recovery efforts in the event an attack does get through.


Commvault Cloud Autonomous Recovery

Reduce recovery time, downtime, and costs through AI-enabled automation, providing comprehensive backup, replication, and disaster recovery orchestration across all your workloads.


Protecting your Splunk Data with Commvault

Commvault integrates with Splunk APIs to provide automated data protection, retention, and recoverability, ensuring data security and manageability. 

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Discover the next-generation capabilities that can intelligently engage and surface cyber risks, minimize data threats, and drive informed recovery outcomes faster. 

Backup & Recovery

Delivers resilience and recovery capabilities that provide complete backup and recovery of all workloads across on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud.  

Auto Recovery

Cyber readiness capabilities through automated proactive cyber recovery broadly across cloud, on-prem, and SaaS through multi-layered data protection to reduce recovery time in the event of cyber-threats and other disasters.

Threat Scan

Risk governance capabilities by proactively identifying malware threats in your backup data to avoid reinfection during recovery. Threat Scan analyzes backup data to find encrypted or corrupted files, ensuring users recover trusted versions of their data quickly.