The Tides of Infrastructure are a Changing

Posted 10/11/2012 by Randy De Meno

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Every three or four years Microsoft ushers in a new wave of upgrades and new functionality in its products. Right now is a unique time as Microsoft is simultaneously delivering new scalability and performance benefits from the data center out to the edge by ushering in new versions of Windows (Server and Client), Exchange, SharePoint and Mobile.

As enterprise customers rapidly adopt virtualization and move to the cloud, these major platform upgrades provide a great opportunity for businesses to evaluate their data management requirements and solutions, often giving IT organizations an excellent reason to look (or relook) at Commvault and its converged Commvault software platform that delivers universal data access and availability.

That's why it's imperative that Commvault stays ahead of the curve in providing full technology integration and support for Microsoft's operating systems and application platforms at the time of launch. Most recent, we announced that the data and information management platform is fully integrated with Windows Server 2012, including the Microsoft Cloud OS and the latest performance and migration capabilities of Windows Hyper-V and the Windows Azure Cloud platform.

Commvault is co-sponsor for the Windows Server 2012 launch and I've even been lucky to participate in a recent keynote speech at Microsoft's Cloud OS Signature Event Series, and will do so again in Denver (10/10) and Philadelphia (10/11). I’m extremely excited to share the stage with longtime Microsoft veteran and General Manager of Windows Server, Gavriella Schuster. Gavriella has been at Microsoft almost as long as I've been at Commvault (while I look the part, by the looks of things, she must have started working at Microsoft when she was 12).

After the recent keynote in Houston, Gavriella and I discussed our partnership. Take a look as we talked about a few of the new features in Windows Server 2012, especially the new Hyper-V capabilities and the long standing partnership/support Commvault has had for Microsoft.

Randy De Meno is Commvault's Chief Technologist for Windows Products.


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