Simpana 10: Adding Value with Broad New Microsoft Integrations

Posted 26 February 2013 1:39 PM by Greg White

Commvault has partnered with Microsoft since our early days and we continue to focus on delivering easy-to-use solutions for data and information management that are designed to ultimately help an organization grow and deliver on its mission. Microsoft provides the business applications and file and operating systems that create and use data, while Commvault adds the innovative protection, retention, management, search and access layer for that information. At our root has always been the concentration on application-awareness that brings added value when you want to recover, find and use your data. This tradition of integration with Microsoft continues and only gets stronger with the release of Simpana 10.

The new Simpana software and Microsoft integrations span from physical to virtual, backup to archive, and data center to the edge – including laptops, desktops and mobile devices – so our customers can better protect, manage and access their business-critical data and applications.

Here are just some of the highlights of what's new in Simpana 10:

Microsoft® Server 2012 Hyper-V

  • Speed protection and recovery in virtual environments by leveraging Hyper-V integration with IntelliSnap hardware snapshot integration
  • Seamlessly protect and recover dynamic CSV architectures and support Live Migration features
  • Go beyond simple "file, volume, full VM recovery" with a huge array of recovery automation and tools designed to accelerate VM recovery operations

Exchange® Server

  • Deliver 2x faster protection and archive for Exchange by converging backup and archive operations into a single data scan with Simpana OnePass
  • Enhance productivity with native, self-service access to archived email through an Outlook plug-in
  • Support for Exchange 2013


  • Improve protection and recovery for SharePoint with the flexibility to easily meet your specific needs due to new options for Farm, Site and Doc level approaches for backup and new version restore options
  • Support for SharePoint 2013

SQL Server

  • Take advantage of flexible protection options, without complexity, due to support for clustered SQL configurations, including SQL 2012's new "Always On" configuration
  • Reduce recovery point objectives with automated transaction log management to deliver point-in-time restores
  • Support for SQL Server 2012

Windows 8

  • Protect heterogeneous laptop/desktop environments with a single solution in Commvault Edge, which now supports Windows 8
  • Enhance productivity with self-service access to protected data from virtually anywhere through the new Commvault Edge app for Windows 8 RT devices

One of the cooler features of Simpana 10 is our Simpana OnePass feature for Microsoft Exchange, which makes long-term e-mail retention affordable and practical by converging backup, archiving and reporting into a single process. Simpana OnePass technology eliminates requirements for separate infrastructure with "zero footprint archiving," controls storage growth, and delivers faster e-mail and archive protection. Our accompanying Outlook plug-in cuts the time it takes for end users to search, view and recover archived e-mails from hours to seconds, by accessing e-mails retained in ContentStore directly from Outlook.

ContentStore Archived Emails
Viewing archived emails in the ContentStore natively through Outlook.

You can read more about Simpana software application integrations and the innovations that can help you make an exponential leap in making your organization more productive, agile and efficient. Simpana 10 is yet another chapter in the rich story of Commvault integrations with Microsoft. Please let us know what you think and how we can continue to help you address your data protection and information management needs.

Greg White is Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Data Management and Protection at Commvault.