Orchestrate Your Data Management: Simpana 10 Workflows

Posted 03/04/2013 by Commvault

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Cloud computing is upon us. Every week we are presented with yet another stat on adoption trends, benefits of the approach, emerging business models and enabling technologies, all supporting the fact that cloud-based computing is here to stay. In just one example, CIOs responding to the recent Gartner 2013 CIO Agenda Survey ranked "Cloud Computing" in their list of top 3 technologies to leverage for the 5th year in a row.

Of course the big push right now is the concept of the "Software Defined Data Center" (SDDC for the purposes of this post). Here at Commvault everything we do is defined by software, so we're happy to see that marketing machines at many of the big vendors are starting to grab hold of "software". At its core, SDDC is about orchestration — the ability to coordinate tasks between applications and infrastructure, to do it automatically, and to do it in real time based on the changing conditions in the infrastructure.

With these benefits in mind, Commvault's new Simpana 10 software introduces workflow automation capabilities designed to streamline operations and simplify administration for data managers.

The workflow automation capabilities in Simpana 10 are designed to let you automate repetitive or highly complex data management tasks. Admins may select from an extensive catalog of typical tasks (such as "Register New Clients") or create their own custom workflows using an intuitive graphical user interface. With these advanced tools, admins may automate business tasks by bringing together sets of individual tasks in a specific order or decision tree.

Intuitive Management Interface with Powerful CLI and XML Integration.

The GUI for creating and managing workflows is simple and intuitive as you can see.

Workflow Example: File System Backup and Restore
Workflow Example: File System Backup and Restore

But it's also very powerful. You can leverage fully executable CLI and XML scripts for fast, simple portability and integration into other 3rd party software applications.

XML View of a WorkFlow
XML View of a WorkFlow

Extensive Library of Tasks lets you Fully Customize Workflow Operations Quickly and Easily.

The workflow engine provides a library with all the basic tasks needed to design a workflow. If a particular task is not available in the library, you can create your own task, which can be web services developed by you or other businesses.

WorkFlow Engine Library View

To get you started quickly, we've populated the initial workflow tool with some common pre-built workflows that we know many users may be looking for. A few of the hot initial workflows customers are asking about are:

  1. Laptop registration – this workflow automates the process to add laptops to a Commvault Edge protection solution. This is actually being used by Commvault IT to automate the process of laptop protection for our own employees.
  2. File System Backup Restore – this workflow allows you to back-up data from a client and restore it to a specified destination. Backup and restore operations are performed on demand.
  3. Execute Process On A Group – this workflow allows you to execute a command (or process) on each client computer that belongs to a specific client group. Great when you have to apply a common change across a large number of clients under management.

This post is simply intended to provide a quick drive-by into the new capabilities of Commvault Simpana 10 workflow automation. For more information, see the Commvault® Simpana® 10 Automated Management Datasheet. For step-by-step instructions on creating, deploying and executing a sample workflow, see our Books Online Workflow Resource.