CommVault and Microsoft Come Full Circle Two Decades Later

Posted 11/21/2013 by Randy De Meno

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I’m one of the few people who is fortunate to have experienced the full CommVault transition — from being part of AT&T/Network Systems, to becoming an independent company as a result of the AT&T/Lucent divestiture in 1996, to what CommVault is today under the leadership of CEO Bob Hammer and COO Al Bunte. I even led the move to Windows as our platform and helped design our first Windows, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory and Banyan solutions (remember them – special secret connection to Microsoft). This helped cement our strategic partnership with Microsoft back in 1999 and formally announced in 2000.

Fast forward to today. We still have a great partnership with Microsoft and we’re working together on their key cloud initiative – Windows Azure Storage and Compute.

Our decades of experience on Windows Server puts CommVault in the unique position to have our Simpana software fully leverage Azure cloud storage and compute, but there was one thing missing from earlier Azure versions that enterprises with hundreds of terabytes and petabytes of data needed - high-speed Access to the Azure Cloud.

Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when Microsoft confirmed that the Holy Grail of high-speed connectivity was being offered with none other than AT&T! (10G & 100G has been mentioned in some circles).

So, as CommVault continues to work strategically with Microsoft into the future, Microsoft teams up with our early corporate past in AT&T. I really can’t wait to see whether we run into any of our old AT&T colleagues as this rollout begins.