Dedupe, Disaster Recovery and Starting at CommVault

Posted 21 November 2013 2:58 PM by Commvault

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that I’m going to like it here. Despite 20 years in the enterprise software space, you’re always the new kid when you start at a company, and I’m the new kid in town at CommVault, still counting my days here on my fingers.

But I feel like part of the team already. The people are exceptionally welcoming, the company atmosphere is electric, and I’m jazzed to be here. How jazzed? Jazzed like Miles and Coltrane kickin’ it live, that’s how jazzed. (Readers take note: I’ll use any excuse to drag in jazz references!)

While I’ll likely blog about topics across the CommVault spectrum, my principal corporate focus will be on deduplication and Disaster Recovery, two great areas of interest for me.

Even though dedupe is now considered table stakes for any backup software – and every major product has it – there are still significant differences in how deduplication is implemented by vendors. Dedupe may feel like old news, but CommVault continues to innovate in the dedupe space, bringing it into new and vital areas like the Simpana ContentStore.

As for Disaster Recovery, that’s the data protection blogger’s cornucopia, overflowing with all kinds of tasty things. Just about everything Simpana software does connects to some aspect of Disaster Recovery, meaning I’ll be able to stick my bloggy fingers into many different technology pies! One thing for sure is that DR as a subject is much wider than recovering from a site-level disaster. Yes, that’s vital and any responsible organization will prepare for it. But DR can happen at the level of a single server or application. If your principal transactional database gets corrupted, well that’s a disaster by any definition. If an executive loses a laptop on a business trip, that’s a horse of a different color but potentially just as devastating if key information can’t be recovered.

The fun part of being at CommVault is that our software covers all these scenarios and many more, meaning my blog cup runneth over already and I haven’t even gotten started!

So check back here often, it’s going to be a fun ride.