Simpana Software + Software-defined Storage = Breakthrough Data Protection

Posted 11/07/2013 by Commvault

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Commvault and Red Hat have combined to bring together a potent combination of products that allow the creative IT administrator to build an incredibly fast and scalable data protection environment using software and commodity hardware. We’ve tested this in the lab, documented the results and will be evangelizing the message at the Red Hat Modern Data Protection Tour and webinar series. But here’s a quick preview:

Traditional data protection architectures bottleneck when Media Agents access NAS devices over networks. But what if you could eliminate (OK, greatly reduce) the chance of bottleneck by placing the Media Agent on the same backplane as the storage?

Now you can, thanks to Red Hat Storage Server 2.1. RHSS 2.1 combines a scale-out file system and volume management on top of Red Hat Linux, which provides multiple benefits:

  1. Packs scale-out storage intelligence into software- allowing IT to deploy on your choice of x86 hardware.
  2. Enables scale-out NAS capability as you add nodes.
  3. Allows the Simpana 10 Media Agents to be deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is also running as the storage node.

This last point can’t be understated, as this architecture eliminates an entire physical tier of hardware by consolidating the Media Agent into the storage tier, which enables faster job completion and recall/restore times. In our testing, we achieved throughput rates of 800GB/hour using Supermicro SuperStorage servers.

Turnkey backup appliances continue to be popular with customers because they are simple to deploy, but they may hit scale limitations later depending on the environment. A solution like Red Hat Storage with Simpana software offers the IT Pro an opportunity to architect creatively for performance and scale. Commvault customers can choose either option depending on their data and information management needs.

For a deeper dive on the Red Hat Storage architecture and the lab testing we performed, read the whitepaper.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions about this innovative approach. Does it make sense to consolidate the Media Agent into the storage tier? What are the risks of software-defined storage using commodity hardware? Tell us what you think!

Craig Halliwell is Director of Alliances at Commvault Systems, where he works with technology partners, including Red Hat, to develop innovative joint solutions based on best-of-breed products. The Commvault Technology Alliance Program enables vendor partners to work with Commvault to take joint solutions to market, and the IntelliSnap Connect Program provides a framework for primary storage vendors to leverage Commvault IntelliSnap technology for mutual benefit.