Three Cool New Things in Commvault Simpana 10’s Latest Release

Posted 04/28/2014 by Commvault

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How long has it been since you last checked what was new with Commvault Simpana software? If you think new features only show up in major releases – like going from version 9 to version 10 – then think again!

The wheels never stop spinning here at Commvault, and we release Service Packs for Simpana software about every three months. Sure, they contain rolled-up fixes like most Service Packs, but they are also chock full of cool new features. Every time!

We recently released Service Pack 6 for Simpana 10. The complete list of updates is available at the Commvault Documentation site. For this blog, we want to focus on three cool new things that might prove useful in your IT environment.

Cool Thing No. 1: The Software Store

It's fun going to farmers markets. There’s always something interesting (and delicious) to discover (like the tasty vegetable celtuce). And now there’s a farmers market for Simpana software users!

No, we haven’t gone crazy. The new Software Store is a place you can go to again and again to discover cool new things for your Simpana software environment. Things like new reports, tools and utilities, even pre-built workflows to go with the super-powerful Simpana software workflow automation engine. You did know there’s a workflow automation engine, didn’t you? Yup. You can turn any repetitive IT task into an automated process, and at the Software Store, we’ll be releasing new workflows for you to customize to your needs.

The Software Store is accessed through the Cloud Services website. Many Commvault customers have taken advantage of the Cloud Services site to access great reports and analytics, but many still haven’t. The demo video shows you what you’re missing if you haven’t taken advantage of it and it’s only getting better with the new Software Store. That’s cool!

Cool Thing No. 2: Snapshot-based file recovery for Linux VMs

Array-based snapshots are increasingly the way to go when it comes to protecting virtual machines. No other method is as fast and efficient and, more important, creates so little impact on the VMs. Commvault has long been a leader in multi-vendor snapshot management with our IntelliSnap capability, and in SP6 we’ve added another nice recovery feature.

Now you can recover individual files from within a Linux virtual machine without the need to install any kind of agent on that VM. This means you can leverage all the cool Simpana software VM features, like auto-discovery and auto-protection of VMs, snap them with array-based snapshots, and still get easy file-level recovery. With support for multiple Linux file systems -- including ext2, ext3 and ext4 – you’ll soon be on your way to rapid, granular recovery of Linux files from snapshots. That’s cool!

Cool Thing No. 3: iSeries File System Support

For the first time, Simpana software is supporting backup of IBM iSeries (AS/400) file systems. This isn’t for everybody, of course, but if you’ve got iSeries systems in your shop, you can now roll them into your Simpana software protection scheme and get many of the great Simpana software benefits and features that you know and love. This includes our excellent job management features, comprehensive reporting and even data deduplication. That’s cool!

As you can see, we’re not resting on our (many) laurels at Commvault. We’re busily at work providing ever greater value to our customers. Keep watching this space about every three months or so for more info on our latest cool new things. And lastly, my lawyers reminded me to let you know that the timing and content of any future service packs or releases, if and when available, remain in our sole discretion.