Keep It Simple and Scalable with Peak 10

Posted 08/20/2014 by Commvault

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Possibly corny, but certainly compelling - here is a new take on the 'Keep It Simple' phrase often over-used in conference rooms and cubicles. Data protection has grown rapidly as a category within the cloud and managed services market because it’s frequently the opposite of simple and scalable! Backup is a thankless yet critical job – when things go well, no one even thinks about it; when things go wrong, an entire business can be at risk. Data protection often ranks right behind security as a barrier to customer adoption of cloud computing.

ESG Spending Intentions Report, 2013

To address these customer concerns, service providers are increasingly embedding data protection capabilities into their cloud and managed services offerings. As organizations add cloud infrastructures into their IT operations, they need to ensure that their data is protected, managed, and accessible. For some organizations in highly regulated industries, it becomes even more valuable to leverage a service provider that can help to meet strict compliance, security, and discovery and auditing requirements.

Peak 10 is a service provider who delivers enterprise-class services that are simple and scalable, both for its clients and its own internal operations. Peak 10 operates 24 data centers serving customers across the U.S.; it has supported its rapid growth trajectory with the philosophy of driving simplicity for its customers to tackle the complex challenges they face and scaling its internal operations to meet its costumer’s data growth and needs.

Commvault is fortunate to be part of Peak 10’s strategic growth approach. Peak 10 leverages Commvault® Simpana® software to deliver an enterprise-class, fully managed backup service that provides the flexibility to meet a diverse set of customer requirements. Within a single platform, Peak 10 provides already-embedded functionality like encryption and deduplication, as well as the ability to operate with a range of applications, storage and virtual environments. As a result, this minimizes complexity and unnecessary costs to the end-user customer.

This is a far cry from Keep It Simple, Stupid (can I say that?). In fact, it’s nothing short of genius.

I invite you to read this case study and to stop by and chat with Peak 10’s Director of Product Strategy, Ken Seitz, at the Commvault booth No. 1605 at VMworld San Francisco at 3 p.m. PT on Aug. 26 and at 11 a.m. on Aug. 27. I think it’s safe to predict that Peak 10’s Keep-it-Simple-and-Scalable philosophy will continue to catch on and perhaps even become the data protection industry standard!