Use a Bit of Services 'Leverage' to Get Back on Track

Posted 07/16/2014 by Jeff Dorr

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If you’re anything like the customers I’ve spoken with recently, you’re probably wondering what happened to 2014, already. It’s barely July and it seems as if goals are slipping and year end is closing in. It could just be my type-A approach to life, or it’s more likely that the regular cadence of meetings, business reviews, holidays and air travel have combined to take a heavy toll on my productivity. Now, if you’re anything like me, you really do need a boost to get back on track. It’s not that you aren’t working with smart, creative, hardworking people, either; there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything, since you’ve fallen behind.

In this hyper-competitive environment, there is really only one alternative: get ‘er done. That is unless you’re looking for a new employer. But if you like where you’re working, then this is where the concept of 'leverage' becomes important. As you know, a lever is a tool that enables you to magnify your capabilities in order to accomplish something that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. For your IT organization, leverage could mean seasoned Commvault consultants, who objectively compare various aspects of your existing data protection environment against business and technical requirements, then develop a clear transformation plan so you can actually achieve better results, rather than just talk about them.

Commvault has introduced several Consulting Services offerings over the past 18 months. Anchored by the Architecture Design offering, our experienced consultants deliver comprehensive, executive-level advice to organizations like yours who are seeking a more modern approach for their data management strategy. The core services portfolio has grown to include a Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment that enables your company to develop unified, flexible and resilient disaster recovery strategies. It also includes an Electronic Records Management and eDiscovery Design offering so you can map legal retention policy requirements into your storage, backup and archive environment. Information about the full portfolio can be found here on our website.

Interest and customer buy-in for these types of advanced services have been nothing short of phenomenal. In every geography, savvy clients understand that they gain competitive advantage by leveraging our proven capabilities and leading knowledge base to accelerate the time-to-value of their transformation activities.

The Commvault Services team recently introduced two new offerings in response to customer demand and to increase the value of our growing portfolio. These offerings complement and extend Commvault’s cloud management capabilities and provide you with the agility you need to rapidly right size your operational expenses.

The first is the Operational Efficiency Assessment. It delivers a comprehensive evaluation of a your overall data management strategy, your technical alignment with business goals, and your underlying IT processes so that scalable, business-focused IT operations can be developed and maintained. More specifically, our consultants will provide detailed advice about critical gaps, target goals and best practice approaches for closing those gaps so that your IT organization can realize sustainable, tangible benefits on a rapid schedule. The second is the Simpana Personalization offering. Clients of this offering are often seeking to tailor their reporting and data management processes because these activities must address very specific company requirements. Commvault engineers are uniquely positioned to fast-track personalization activities through their deep knowledge and experience with the Simpana Custom Report Server and Workflow Engine.

In either case, you’ll benefit by being able to assess, design, deploy, and operate an optimal data management solution faster than you could have independently. If your company’s data management approach needs a little optimization or a full-blown overhaul and your staff is struggling to stay current with existing obligations, then let me suggest that the simple “lever” from the Commvault’s Services portfolio can get you back on track.