Recap: Commvault, Rackspace Partnership Gets Fanatical at PartnerPalooza 2

Posted 06/12/2014 by Commvault

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Commvault’s Cloud Solutions Consultant, Jesse Gambetti, recently attended the Rackspace PartnerPalooza 2 event in San Antonio where Commvault was a gold sponsor. Jesse recounts his experience with the Rackers and their interest in working with Commvault to identify more opportunities to partner and work together.

Commvault recently attended the Rackspace PartnerPalooza 2 event in San Antonio as a gold sponsor. We were honored to be invited -- from the great discussions with Rackers, to the positive culture that shines through with every interaction, to the cool location at the corner of Fanatical Place and Innovation Way, we were excited from start to finish to be part of the event.

This was a great opportunity for Commvault to get in front of more than 700 Rackers (not all at once!), evangelize our cloud solutions and discuss further ways to partner. As a tier 1 vendor that has worked with the Rackspace teams for nearly eight years now, we were glad to show our support for the event. 

In its second year, PartnerPalooza is an internal event that introduces Rackers (Rackspace Employees) to the partners in the Rackspace Marketplace. The event has expanded significantly from last year – it boasts a bigger venue, more tracks and training sessions and lots of innovative solutions demos. The success and growth of this event demonstrates the rapid expansion of Rackspace’s partner ecosystem, which helps customers drive maximum value from their Rackspace cloud and managed services.

We got a number of questions from Rackers, ranging from the basics such as:

  • What does Commvault do?
  • Who are your competitors?

…to deeper interest in how to take the next step to partner, such as:

  • How can we work together?
  • Who can I contact for further information?

Let me share some thoughts that might be helpful:

Why Commvault and Rackspace? For those who haven’t had a chance yet, this recent announcement of our expanded partnership is a great description of all that we do together. Commvault powers the Managed Backup service that backs up over 66 petabytes of customer data per month for Rackspace. The scalability of the technology, as well as the collaboration that resulted in key new features for the Rackspace teams, all help contribute toward our goal to be a trusted advisor.

Commvault versus the Competition. Commvault is a single software solution that can protect, manage and recover data across cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures. Using a single platform, it encompasses the capabilities of multiple alternative point products for backup, archive, disaster recovery, eDiscovery and more. This message resonated with Rackers who saw the opportunity to provide a single solution that could grow with data and requirements, rather than introducing multiple products that customers have to procure, manage, train on and maintain.

Solutions That Work Together. Commvault supports all major parts of the Rackspace portfolio.


In addition to powering the Managed Backup solution that is operating at massive scale, we were also an early supporter of Rackspace’s cloud side of the business. We are integrated to support OpenStack® Object Storage, and were one of the first major data protection software platforms to integrate with Rackspace Cloud Files. In addition, we recently worked directly with Rackspace teams to test and certify our Commvault EdgeTM endpoint data protection solution on Cloud Files. This is a great use case that provides a very unique value prop for enterprise customers looking to secure their end-user data and reduce organizational risk, while still providing employees with access and ease of use to boost productivity.

Fanatical Support, from Partner Perspective

As a company with best-in-class customer satisfaction rates, Commvault is no stranger to the work it takes to provide excellent support. Rackspace’s famous "Fanatical Support Promise" takes the act of keeping customers always up and running to the next level. This philosophy also applies to the way they support partners. As part of our sponsorship, we attended special sessions with Rackspace product marketing managers and other Rackspace leaders, including CTO John Engates. These were valuable opportunities to gain insights, align strategies and further connect with our partners and peers. We could not have had a better reception from all Rackers in terms of openness and willingness to learn and engage.

Growing Toward the Future

As our partnership with Rackspace continues to evolve, there is considerable interest from Rackers to work with us to identify more opportunities to partner and work together. Because of this, we found the event to be a success. We look forward to Rackers continuing to engage with us Vaulters by checking out our Rackspace Marketplace site, or personally reaching out to me or the team through We want to thank Rackspace for the opportunity to help sponsor PartnerPalooza 2. We loved being a part of this event, and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!