Commvault IntelliSnap Delivers Day One Support for New Hitachi G1000

Posted 05/14/2014 by Commvault

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One of the ongoing challenges of being a data management company is keeping up with new releases of applications, operating systems and storage hardware. At Commvault, we work very hard to stay on top of things, so it’s with no small amount of pride that we can report that Commvault has delivered day one support for a major new hardware release, the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000.

The G1000 is the latest generation of HDS Virtual Storage Platform solutions that are driving new levels of efficiency, scale and performance in enterprise-grade storage hardware.

Commvault is providing support for the G1000 as part of our IntelliSnap program that provides unified management of disk array snapshots, along with a wealth of other value-adding features. Hitachi Data Systems is a player at the highest end of the storage market and, as such, their kit runs a lot of heavy-duty applications, big-honking apps like Oracle and SAP. Not only are these apps big – with single databases growing into multiple terabytes in size – but they are mission critical. These are the applications that have to be brought back on line as quickly as possible.

The problem is that’s becoming increasingly difficult to do with traditional streaming backup approaches. In many cases, it’s downright impossible to meet a recovery time requirement when faced with restoring a giant database application. And then don’t forget about the complexity! Restoring Oracle isn’t just restoring a database file and being done with it. It can mean recovering multiple database files, stored across multiple disk LUNs, and then running log recoveries to get back to the most recently captured data point. This recovery process is complex and often brittle, cobbled together with scripts that can easily break.

So your most important applications are often the most difficult to handle from a recovery perspective. Lucky for you, that’s why we came up with IntelliSnap!

The real magic of IntelliSnap is how it integrates all the pieces. If you’re running that Oracle or SAP workload on your shiny new HDS G1000, not only will IntelliSnap schedule and drive the Hitachi Thin Image snapshots for you (without scripts!), it will integrate with the application, making sure you capture clean snaps. It will backup your logs for you (which you can do more frequently than your snaps). And best of all, when it comes time to recover the application – and you’re going to have to sooner or later – all those messy integration steps are handled for you. No more futzing with scripts and figuring out which logs to replay, or wondering what database gets restored to which LUN. IntelliSnap has that all covered. With just a few simple clicks through the user interface you can be on your way to a rapid, array-based restore of your biggest applications. And since the restore uses native format data in the snapshot, and the recovery is within the box, you don’t have to stream data across a network or pass it through a backup server. That means it’s fast, and when Oracle or SAP is down, fast is your best friend.

IntelliSnap works with other HDS arrays and also with ShadowImage technology, so if you’ve got other Hitachi gear in your shop, you can manage it all from the same place. Or if you’re looking at the G1000 for the next time some budget frees up, not to worry since we’ve already got it covered. You can get started now with your current units and then roll in the G1000 nice and clean when it drops on your floor (you know you want one!)

Two other things to keep in mind. IntelliSnap is a non-disruptive snapshot management solution. You don’t have to rip and replace your backup environment to run IntelliSnap. And the solution is available directly from HDS as the Hitachi Data Protection Suite, which integrates Commvault Simpana IntelliSnap technology. That means you can procure it through the same sales channels where you get your Hitachi gear. We’re all about easy!