Three Cool New Things in Commvault® Simpana® 10’s Latest Release

Posted 10/16/2014 by Commvault

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We never rest on our laurels at CommVault, and sure enough, we recently released a Service Pack that’s just jammed full of cool new features. In fact, Service Pack 8 for Simpana 10 has so many new goodies in it that we had a hard time picking which three Cool New Things to write about.

And now, the Cool New Things!

Cool Thing No. 1: Data Loss Prevention for Laptops

More and more critical and unique corporate data lives on laptops. Trouble is, laptops aren’t always tucked safely behind your office walls. Instead, they are on-the-go machines that are too easily lost or stolen while traveling, creating the potential for major data privacy breaches if the laptop ends up in the wrong hands.

What to do? Commvault Edge®, the endpoint data protection technology within Simpana software, has a neat and elegant solution to this security threat. Not only does it provide a great backup and recovery solution for your mobile workforce (and the in-office desktops too!), but it gives you a three-pronged defense for your corporate data.

  • Periodic Document Encryption – This feature helps prevent unauthorized access to business-critical data by encrypting the local copy on your laptop clients. If a laptop is lost, stolen, or offline for an extended period of time, a user-defined passkey is required for access.
  • Remote Wipe – If a laptop is lost, stolen, or offline for an extended period of time, Secure Erase lets you remotely delete data on the laptop and mitigate the risk of data leakage. You can either choose to erase specific files and folders, or erase all of the data on your laptop as a measure of last resort.
  • Geo-location – This feature provides the ability to track and record the location history of a laptop at the time of the last connection with the server. That information can then be used to track a device that has been lost or stolen.

These features are supported on both Windows and Mac clients. Activation is centrally controlled, meaning you can easily activate these features for all your protected laptop users, or you can limit them to 'critical' laptops only. Up to you. Either way, that’s cool!

Note: As of Service Pack 8, some features of Data Loss Prevention are considered 'early release' features, meaning we advise that you work with Commvault support to implement them. If you’re interested, just ask your Commvault account team.

Cool Thing No. 2: Virtual Machine Conversion (VMware to Microsoft Hyper-V)

Commvault engineers have been furiously innovating in the areas of virtualization and cloud, putting out a steady stream of new features. In Service Pack 8, we’ve added the capability to convert VMware machines into Microsoft Hyper-V machines. This is a true, multi-use feature, as you can use it to permanently migrate from one hypervisor to the other, or you can use it to both speed up your test/dev cycles as well as allowing test/dev to occur on an alternate platform that may be more economical. You could even use it in a DR scenario if you used Simpana software’s replication feature to ship your VMware backups to a DR site where you could spin them up on Hyper-V. Lots of flexibility and operational efficiency is the core message here.

Another neat thing is that you can use this feature whether you are using streaming backups to protect your VMs or if you are using IntelliSnap technology and protecting your VMs with disk hardware snaps. That’s cool!

Cool Thing No. 3: Exchange Mailbox Backup Quota

The Simpana software platform does a whole lot more than just backup. It truly is a comprehensive data management platform and one of the areas in which we can do all kinds of things to help your organization is in managing email archive, search and compliance.

Our capabilities here are vast, and in Service Pack 8 we’ve added a nice little administrative feature that lets Exchange admins better manage backup storage by setting limits at the mailbox level to prevent email messages from using too much storage space. When a user goes over their limit, their mailbox won’t get backed up anymore until they free up some space. Mailbox owners get a warning notification when they are nearing the limit, and then another when they hit it. Admins get notified too – don’t worry admins, we got your back! In fact, we have specific reports that let you monitor mailbox storage consumption.

At Commvault, we’re always striving for ways to make life easier for IT admins, managers and so on, by continually innovating around data management, automating tasks, and delivering detailed reporting so you know what’s going on, and can prove it too. That’s super cool!