What The Walking Dead Teaches Us about Backup

Posted 10/08/2014 by Commvault

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If you’re a fan of the television series, “The Walking Dead,” you’re probably anticipating the start of season five on Oct. 12.

Rumor has it that things won’t be any better for our heroes this season. But could there be something after the zombie apocalypse? No one knows, but what we do know is that individual groups escaped from the prison after its downfall, attempting to survive as they follow a line of railroad tracks to a supposed safe zone named Terminus.

Could this plot be likened to enterprise backup?

Season five of “The Walking Dead” opens with the Termites holding Rick, Daryl, Michonne and most of the others in a railroad car. And similar to the Termites, it’s possible that your data protection strategy is being held hostage.

For example, how do you protect large, high I/O, or non-Windows VMs with agentless backup?

While application-aware agentless backup seems ideal, it’s far from reality. If you don’t have permanent agents, you may have to deal with account management issues. This means setting Local Admin privileges for each and every VM. Wouldn’t this become unmanageable as you scale your environment?

Further, if you run more than just Windows Servers, how do you backup Oracle, SAP, and DB2 in Linux or UNIX environments with Windows-only Volume Shadow copy services?

And what about capacity? How do you keep costs low if your backup software is highly dependent upon third-party hardware products for deduplication or separate software components to forecast storage consumption? Often, these costs are overlooked during a proof-of-concept.

Bottom line: The Walking Dead teaches us to survive in the most extreme conditions. But will your data survive a disaster? In the words of The Governor, “You can’t think forever. Sooner or later, you gotta make a move.”

What’s your move?