How to make your Journey to the Cloud a Success

Posted 04/07/2015 by Nigel Tozer

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Planning your journey to the cloud, whether private, public or both, is a daunting task. Cloud computing might hold out the prospect of greater business agility and low upfront investment, but it can actually add more cost and complexity if not handled correctly. At Commvault we’ve been helping organizations make the move, from multinational corporations right through to small and medium businesses. So in the next few posts I’d like to run briefly through some of the key areas where I think many organizations get into trouble, and offer some advice on how to make the journey to cloud as smooth as possible.

The problem with scale

Many of the challenges organizations have when starting down this road can be summed up in one word: Scale. Transitioning from a modest virtual estate to a true service oriented model at cloud-scale can make things very complex, and sooner in the journey than you might think. How do you automate service levels? How do you safely virtualize tier 1 applications? What about DR?

With systems spread out over multiple clouds, keeping track of resources and consumption becomes logistically very difficult which can lead you into one of the main challenges of the cloud: Utility Style Billing. Along with the elasticity, the consumption model is what’s attractive for many, but get it wrong and those bills can give you some nasty shocks.

Costs may precipitate differently for private and public cloud, but essentially it’s the same root cause. When it’s easy to use something, that’s exactly what you do.

A helping hand

Cloud adoption is racing ahead and many have found it gives them an edge, but you need to make sure this transition will work for you. It’s important not to make an enemy of the business either, even if it is expecting IT to support its goals without extra budget or resources.

Over the coming posts, I’ll show you how, with the right tech strategy you can:

· Use automated tools to mitigate risk and eradicate sprawl as you grow

· Reduce cost and complexity through cloud DR

· Scale hybrid clouds to lower costs and drive innovation

Stay tuned for more next week.