Fujitsu Forges Ahead

Posted 08/12/2015 by Commvault

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Our friends at Fujitsu have been forging ahead on the storage front having just announced a honkin’ big new array, the DX8900 S3, which tops out at an amazing 13.8 petabytes. That’s a lot of space! (I wonder if they’ll ship me a loaner?)

Fujitsu has been quietly upgrading its products, adding new features, increasing scale and winning customer praise for their reliability and performance. Simply put, it’s a good kit!

At Commvault®, we’ve been working with Fujitsu for quite some time, and honestly we’ve probably been too quiet about that, too. So let’s get up to date.

For starters, we have long supported Fujitsu’s primary storage through the IntelliSnap® Connect Program; that is, you can use Commvault software to manage snapshots on the Fujitsu kit. In fact, Fujitsu embeds the IntelliSnap technology into their product under the name ETERNUS Snapshot Manager (ESM). If you want more details on how it works, Fujitsu has put out a very detailed technical paper that walks you through setup, operations and so forth. Adding the benefits of ESM– application integration, snap indexing, reporting, protection policies, etc. – to the disk storage makes for a solution that really lets you get the most value out of your Fujitsu investment.

We’ve also been working with Fujitsu in the backup arena. They’ve bundled together Commvault software with their PRIMERGY servers and their ETERNUS storage to create the Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS200c backup appliance Powered by Commvault. It’s a fully-fledged, plug-and-play backup appliance that lets you quickly and easily roll out Commvault software-based backup services everywhere from the remote office to the data center. And because it uses Commvault software, you can scale beyond simply backup to include optional archiving, snapshot management, and search and eDiscovery. It’s wholly controlled by Fujitsu, which provides a single point of purchase and support. There’s lots of good information at the link, including spec sheets and “how to buy” information. (Note that the Fujitsu appliance is available in the EMEA markets only).

We’re very excited about our ongoing partnership with a first-class tech company like Fujitsu, and if you’re currently in the market for primary storage and/or backup appliances, you’d be well served to include them on your vendor shortlist.