Mining Brilliance at Gartner’s Security and Risk Management Summit

Posted 06/19/2015 by Commvault

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Last week, we had the opportunity to attend Gartner’s Security and Risk Management Summit along with several other Commvault team members and interacted with experts across several industries about mitigating enterprise risk. Through many conversations and sessions, one theme from the conference became clear – stakeholders at all levels in a variety of markets are re-evaluating security and risk strategies to best suit digital enterprise needs.

During our discussions with security professionals in the tech, government, education and healthcare fields at our booth, three key areas of interest kept coming up. The topics included:

  • Endpoint data protection: We’ve been on an endpoint kick recently, and we’re glad to see conference attendees were too. Securing data living on multiple devices including smartphones and laptops has been a key focus area for our team, and we were happy to share that we can help information workers gain visibility into what is being stored in file sync and share services. In case you missed the show, check out our new File Sharing capabilities that help meet compliance needs.
  • eDiscovery: Another popular topic this year, specifically when booth visitors learned that Commvault’s single index and virtual repository can be easily searched for enterprise-wide legal discovery purposes.
  • Dark data: Chances are, there’s data hiding somewhere in your IT environment. Uniquely termed “dark data,” this phrase was used a lot during the show, and we helped educate attendees on everything they need to know about their data including what types of data exist, where it lives and when it was created.

When not at the booth, we had the chance to attend some excellent keynotes and sessions, including:

  • Security and Privacy After Snowden — Lessons From the President’s NSA Review Group: This session was extremely engaging as it wrestled with topics including when the government should hold knowledge about vulnerabilities to use as offensive weapons vs. disclosing them so the industry can work to defensively patch the issues.
  • Leon Panetta, U.S. Secretary of Defense, Keynote: Serving as our nation’s 23rd United States Secretary of Defense, Leon plays an important role in our country’s physical and digital security. Not only did he discuss U.S. intelligence, defense and cyber security strategies, he also shared stories about his childhood and early life experiences that helped shape his time in public service.

We were also proud of colleagues Shane Harris and Emily Wojcik, who presented a solutions showcase on the following topic: “Mine Brilliance from your Data for Compliance and Insight.” They discussed how the data management landscape has evolved, how companies can retain the right information across the enterprise and ways to unlock its full potential. We definitely learned a lot and are looking forward to next year’s show!