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Posted 05/20/2015 by Commvault

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We heard this many times growing up when eating at friends’ houses and most times it turned out to be true. Many of us carry this idea forward in our regular activities like test driving a car before purchasing or borrowing an item to try from friends or family before actually buying our own.

At Commvault wbelieve this should also apply to our solutions. Our Endpoint Data Protection solution enables you to gain control of business critical data that resides on endpoints (mobile phones, tablets and laptops) at the edge of your data center. Its efficient and secure endpoint backup is just the beginning—Commvault technology reduces cost and risk by protecting against data breaches and enabling enterprise-wide compliance and eDiscovery. It also increases productivity across the enterprise through self-service capabilities for data restore, secure file sharing and advanced data analytics and reporting.

It all starts with best-in-class data protection with low impact to end users. Commvault Endpoint Data Protection helps you gain control of endpoint data with rapid, efficient, secure and transparent laptop and desktop protection, featuring source-side deduplication, opportunistic scheduling, and bandwidth throttling. Self-service sharing capabilities for files and folders encourages enterprise-wide collaboration—without employees relying on IT or risky consumer cloud services. Advanced security features minimize the risk of critical business data being stolen or lost due to an unforeseen event.

Information that resides on laptops and desktops is often overlooked, ignored, or difficult to capture for the purposes of data governance. With Commvault, you benefit from a unified platform approach to make searching for eDiscovery and compliance information fast and cost-effective.

Global reporting capabilities allow IT to quickly identify the status of their data protection environment down to the individual desktops and laptops.

But, hey, don’t take our word for it. We’ve made it easier than ever for you to try it and see for yourself. We now have three easy ways for you do this:

'Our Data, Our Server': You can explore using a demo environment to get a quick and easy look at our end user capabilities.

'Your Data, Our Server': You can install our free trial software on your endpoints and use the Commvault cloud infrastructure to try out the cool end user capabilities with your own data.

'Your Data, Your Server': You can dive right in and use our free trial software in your environment for a limited time to get a deep understanding of how it will operate in your environment and what specific benefits it will provide to your users.

Check out Commvault Endpoint Data Protection. We hope once you’ve tried it, you liked it.