Can’t Get No Satisfaction? You can with Pure Storage and Commvault

Posted 11/18/2015 by Commvault

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Pure Storage and Commvault together are delivering real value in making better, more effective use of Pure Storage FlashArray//m storage by making operations and application integration easy and automated. Pure Storage arrays are super easy to use to begin with. If you’re used to legacy arrays that require a Ph.D. in array-ology (that’s a thing, yes?) to operate, you’ll be pleasantly amazed by how easily you can operate your FlashArray infrastructure.

But applications and hypervisor layers always add complexity, especially for complex apps like Oracle or SAP that might be running across multiple servers with data hosted on multiple LUNs. This stuff can get tricky to protect and even trickier to recover easily without a lot of database expertise on hand. But with Pure Storage and Commvault together, you can do it all with point and click ease. On the protection side, you can create policies to define your protection SLA (how often you snap the app), retention SLA (how long you keep the snaps around), and snap indexing (what’s inside those snaps). Because it’s policy-based, you can create a standard set of protection policies (e.g. Gold/Silver/Bronze) and then simply apply the appropriate policy whenever you’re setting up application protection. And given the efficiency of Pure Storage—snaps are always thin, deduped and compressed – you can probably keep a lot more around than you’re used to with your old spinning rust.

Another cool feature is database discovery: that means Commvault will automatically determine which Pure Storage LUNs Oracle resides on, and it will even follow the data if you move it around. Pretty sweet!

But we protect to recover, and this is where the Pure Storage/Commvault combo really shines. With Commvault, app recovery is as simple as pick-and-click. That is, pick your recovery point and click the button, and the entire application stack will be restored. With Pure Storage hosting the data you’ll be amazed at how fast the recovery happens. The Pure Storage all-flash performance isn’t just a boon when you’re running apps; it’s a huge benefit when you need to recover and every minute counts.

If you’d like to see a demo of setting up and running snap management on Pure Storage you can do so here. You can also read more about how our IntelliSnap integration with Pure Storage FlashArray enables joint customers to perform rapid online recovery from an extended library of application-consistent snapshots.

At the End of the Day, it’s all About Customer Satisfaction

All these synergies between Commvault and Pure Store mean nothing if the customer isn’t satisfied.

While measuring satisfaction is not a precise science, we’re getting a lot better at it. One such measure is the Net Promoter score, which measures customer satisfaction levels. Our friends at Pure Storage have just announced they have an amazing Net Promoter score of 79. Putting that into context, most major hardware vendors don’t even break 30. There’s clearly a lot of happy Pure Storage users out there.

Like our colleagues at Pure Storage, Commvault takes customer satisfaction very seriously, and we survey our customers annually to take the pulse of how they’re feeling. We just announced that this year our customers gave us a 98% satisfaction rating for support and services, far above industry standards. Indeed, Commvault beats industry averages across a range of support categories.

How do you deliver on customer satisfaction? Simple. You have products that work and that make life easier, more efficient and more reliable for your customers. You have a support team that is knowledgeable and responsive. And it’s even better when you can join with a market leading vendor like Pure Storage to deliver value.

Simplicity, reliability, repeatability – that’s what keeps the customer satisfied.