Show Me the Data with Enterprise Search

Posted 10/22/2015 by Commvault

Asking you if you’re using public, private or hybrid cloud in your data management strategy would be a dumb question. But here are some that are not so simple: How can I easily access all of my content across these multiple repositories, locations and clouds? Where in the world is my data anyway?

It’s a good question and one that is becoming one of the largest growing problems facing organizations today. Enterprises are creating vast amounts of data, utilizing the cloud – or multiple clouds – to store it cost efficiently. And yet, not much thought has been given to how that data can be accessed, let alone be leveraged, for true business value.

We all know that your enterprise data is priceless. That’s why you pay to store it, protect it and ensure that you can recover it in the event of a disaster. But how in the world can you actually use it? Especially as it becomes spread further and further across multiple repositories and applications.

A number of methods are often pieced together in an attempt to solve this problem creating even more complexity and burning man hours, not to mention budget. The first challenge is that multiple solutions are often required to search across on-premise, cloud and hosted solutions to get to business data. This is cumbersome, tedious and time consuming and can often miss valuable, necessary pieces of the data puzzle.

Then, of course, the question is how to link both structured and unstructured data across all of your multiple sources. This data linking often requires manual and repeated efforts from multiple application owners, which rapidly depletes any achieved value. Add to these hurdles the many required search interfaces and routines, application expertise and tool skills and you have too many areas to master before you can achieve any semblance of a streamlined search view. It makes even the most determined wince.

At Commvault, we’ve tackled the enterprise search challenge so that you can realize the value you need from your data – no matter where it’s stored. New search connectors link on-premises, cloud and hosted application data. With a simple, single search interface you can access all of your business data – versioned and live. It’s the central portal you’ve been needing to access all your data assets. Commvault also provides robust connectors for email, database, files, proprietary applications and collected data. They all come together in a virtual repository, linking both structured and unstructured data. Even more, we connect your multiple data sources for live and versioned information all through a single, customizable search interface that enables you to easily meet the user requests and requirements of your business.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. What's the value? For IT, it opens the door for the simplified enterprise search you need to access structured, unstructured and hosted data sources all from a single interface. It’s customizable and provides the eDiscovery and compliance features needed to achieve true information governance – across all your cloud and physical repositories. You’ll actually be hoping someone calls you to recover data, just so you can deliver it quickly, without pain, and be a hero.

For the business, it provides comprehensive insight into all business data. This complete data picture can help unlock new insights and capabilities never possible before – all while minimizing risk and assuring complete compliance and governance. Adding value back to the business is the real magic.

Isn’t it time to put your data to work for you and your business? Do you know what insights and opportunities it may be hiding? It’s easier to find out than you think.