Application Protection is a Snap with Commvault

Posted 12/08/2016 by Phil Wandrei

Snapshots should be easy. After all, the name says 'snap.' But to many customers, snapshots are anything but easy. 

The challenges for many customers are that native array snapshot tools, and even third party products, have varying degrees of capability. They may be limited in functionality, level of automation, scripting requirements, hardware support and application integration awareness. These limitations add administrative complexity and cost, extend recovery times, and make it more difficult for customers to leverage the full potential of their storage investment, especially in heterogeneous environments.  

Enterprises today should be using array-based snapshots and replication to augment their legacy data protection solutions. Commvault solves the complexity of snapshots and makes it a valuable tool in your data protection arsenal. Commvault® IntelliSnap® technology streamlines and simplifies snapshot management. It also centralizes its management on a single, unified solution to support many heterogeneous storage platforms. 

Why Commvault? In a snap, Commvault is an industry leader in snapshot protection and management:  

  • IntelliSnap snapshot integration supports a wide range of SAN/NAS storage arrays with integration to more than 30 storage array platforms. In the meantime, Commvault continues to expand the list of supported platforms and vendors.

  • IntelliSnap snapshot supports more than 80 percent of the all-flash array market with support for Dell, HPE, IBM, NetApp (including SolidFire), Nimble Storage and Pure Storage.

  • IntelliSnap provides extensive coverage and integration for filesystems, database applications and hypervisors.

  • IntelliSnap seamlessly integrates snapshots into end-to-end protection and recovery without losing track of where data came from. Learn why this is important.

It’s easy for us to say this. But what are industry experts saying about our capabilities?

  • 451 Research highlighted, “[we] consider Commvault to be well ahead of other vendors in terms of backup software tailored to snapshot-based data protection in heterogeneous environments – particularly in terms of the breadth of its platform coverage (which includes virtually all major arrays)”1

A great example of Commvault’s leading position with snapshot technology is its support for all-flash arrays, the fastest growing segment in data storage. Let’s look at three (3) all-flash array companies supported by Commvault IntelliSnap software:

  • NetApp: Commvault is the ONLY data protection and management company that supports the entire NetApp family; from the NetApp AFF arrays to E-series and SolidFire all-flash array. With Commvault IntelliSnap technology, customers can manage all NetApp products through a single, unified data management solution and have a complete view into data across applications, devices and locations.

  • Nimble Storage: Commvault IntelliSnap technology provides an application-aware snapshot management umbrella that automates and orchestrates the creation, retention and access of Nimble Storage snapshots, dramatically simplifying protection and recovery procedures as well as data sharing.  

  • Pure Storage: Commvault supports array-based replication on Pure Storage FlashArray, both the //m series and FlashStack, to orchestrate creation of equivalent copies on multiple Pure Storage arrays. This integration leverages the native, efficient replication ability of the Pure Storage array, coordinating application consistency and snapshot creation into the replication process. Snapshots on either array can then be used for recovery, driving further backups, or for secondary functions such as streaming backup or test/dev refresh.  

Snapshot technology is a valuable tool that should be in your data protection tool kit. If you are not using snapshots because they are currently complex or confusing because they require manual scripting, you need to consider Commvault to simplify and automate the process. Commvault IntelliSnap technology streamlines snapshot management and accelerates data protection and recovery operations. After all, Commvault puts the 'snap' into snapshots. 

1 451 Research, “Backup to the Future: The Evolution of Data Protection.” April 2014