Commvault Releases Two NEW Integrated Backup Appliances Targeted at Remote Sites

Posted 02/18/2016 by Greg Bennett

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This is the first in a series about Commvault’s Backup Appliances.

Last year, Commvault partnered with NetApp to deliver a ‘best-of-breed’ integrated backup appliance – the Commvault A600 with NetApp E-Series storage. This jointly-developed solution was defined to address competitive gaps in the industry with other appliances around scalability, flexibility and manageability. Fortunately, this solution has been well received by customers and continues to gain momentum. So we’ve got that going for us.

With that said, one piece of feedback that we received from some customers is that while they really like our current solution for the datacenter, they would like to see smaller appliances for their remote sites that don’t need as much capacity. Naturally, they want the ease of purchase, deployment and single point of contact for support benefits provided by the current appliance for the remote office appliances, as well.

We heard you, so earlier this month we announced the immediate availability of two NEW backup appliances specifically targeted at remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites that have smaller capacity requirements and fewer IT resources. These new ROBO solutions are fixed capacity appliances, meaning they don’t support external storage. In other words, all of the storage is internal to the server/appliance. The Commvault A210 supports 12TB of usable capacity and the Commvault A410 supports 24TB of usable capacity. The new appliances complement our existing Commvault A600 with NetApp – which scales from 18TB up to 288TB of usable capacity per appliance – to provide a family of backup appliances that address a wide range of business needs and use cases. All of which can go from power up to backup in less than an hour! And because the appliances use Commvault software, you can combine multiple appliances to scale to petabytes (PBs) of data – all managed by a single console (or what we call a CommCell in the Commvault world).

While we see the deployment of the smaller Commvault A210 and Commvault A410 being primarily done in remote locations in conjunction with the larger capacity Commvault A600 with NetApp at the datacenter, we do expect to see some standalone deployments at medium enterprise customers who have smaller data sets but do not have the IT resources to deploy a build-your-own solution. The ease of purchase, deployment and single point of contact for support will be a great help to these customers. Check out Commvault Backup Appliances for more information about the complete portfolio of ‘A-Series’ appliances.

A Director of Solutions Marketing at Commvault, Greg Bennett has more than 20 years of high tech experience across product marketing, product management and business development/alliances. He has also managed various enterprise server, storage and software products at Commvault.