Snap Away - and More Time to Play!

Posted 07/06/2016 by Commvault

For many enterprise organizations, snapshots are a key component of their data protection portfolio. While the type of snapshots may vary, the ability to quickly protect data at a specific point in time, at multiple times throughout the day, is very appealing – especially for critical application data.

However, not all snapshots are created equal. Over time, it is fairly common for organizations to expand datacenter operations, consolidate, merge with other companies, etc. This often results in a heterogeneous storage environment, along with a wide range of enterprise applications, operating environments and data protection solutions. As a result, administrators are often forced to use the snapshot solution that shipped with the specific hardware, each with its own unique snapshot management process, interface and limitations. This creates a lot of management headaches.

And the separate snapshot, backup and archive silos make it difficult for administrators to manage and leverage data. To avoid further chaos, organizations often decide to expand their existing storage platform – even if it’s not best in class - to avoid learning and managing yet another separate data protection product. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Unlike traditional snapshot solutions, Commvault® IntelliSnap® Technology efficiently protects a wide range of enterprise environments including multi-vendor storage arrays, critical applications and hypervisors. This dramatically simplifies management, since administrators can initiate snapshots using a consistent process and user interface across a wide range of storage, applications and hypervisors – a single snapshot solution to protect critical data across the enterprise. By integrating tightly with host applications and mixed hardware arrays, Commvault software creates application consistent snapshots, indexes the content and can optionally drive backup or DR copies to secondary disk, tape or cloud storage.

In addition, IntelliSnap workflow automation can completely automate complex or highly repetitive manual data management tasks. As a result, protecting multi-vendor and multi-application environments is greatly simplified (e.g. SAP® with Oracle® and custom applications). Also, Commvault software automatically indexes all snapshot copies under management, enabling intuitive search and granular recovery within and across snapshots. Since the snapshot technology integrates with Commvault backup processes and the virtual repository, administrators can enjoy fast, automated recovery of files, objects, applications and databases – without the hassle of complex scripts and non-integrated recovery tools.

Only Commvault® data protection and recovery software was designed with a single code base, a single index, and is completely integrated. Protected data is stored in a single virtual data repository, which eliminates the separate data silos that come with traditional snapshot, backup, archive, and reporting products. Commvault supports a very broad selection of storage arrays, virtualization platforms and enterprise applications, so users are never locked-in to a specific vendor’s expensive brand of storage or technology.

So it’s no surprise that Commvault is positioned the highest on execution and furthest on vision as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software. Read it today and learn how Commvault Data Protection and Recovery Solutions can help your organization!