3 Key Factors to Not Sabotaging Investment Protection

Posted 06/24/2016 by Phil Wandrei

Whether it is limited budgets or having to maintain current head count levels, organizations are strapped for resources. Coupled with protecting more data year over year and having to deliver greater services to the organization, this puts IT in a precarious situation. Diligence must be applied to every purchasing decision. However, IT often makes purchasing decisions based on short-term needs versus long-term benefits, which sabotages investment protection. Organizations can make three changes to buying criteria and gain investment protection while minimizing, and even eliminating, the risk of product obsolescence. The three simple changes are:

1. Select a solution, not a point product.

A data protection solution built on a unified platform returns greater value over time. It delivers a comprehensive solution with multiple, integrated features resulting in quicker implementation, easier administration, and streamlined support. Compare that to integrating multiple point products for similar functionality (i.e. a backup product for physical environment, a second backup product for virtual machines, and a dedupe appliance). Three products to install, integrate, test, manage with three disparate consoles, and staff having to troubleshoot all problems. Bottom line: a single unified solution provides greater benefits over multiple point products.

2. Understand how growth impacts your budget.

It is easy to turn to the last page of a vendor’s proposal and only focus on the initial price. The trap with this is the initial acquisition cost is only one part of the long-term cost of owning the solution or product. Rather, understand how pricing and licensing increases as you scale-up and scale-out the solution. How does adding more data, applications, and vms impact your budget? Does the licensing model meet your long-term business needs and budget? Bottom line: analyze how your costs change as your environment increases in size and scope.

3. Do a five year, or longer, budget forecast.

Many vendors will use maintenance pricing to force product obsolescence and drive customers to newer models. After three years, many customers find themselves with significant maintenance price increases in years four and five, yet the product is fully functional and meeting their business needs. Bottom line: ask for five year pricing to discover if the vendor is forcing product obsolescence.

Ways to Implement Investment Protection

Two solutions that deliver strong investment protection are Commvault® Software Backup & Recovery and Pure Storage® FlashArrays. And the good news is, Commvault and Pure Storage are partners and their solutions work together!

Commvault delivers data protection and recovery through a unified architecture that reduces both capital and operating expenditures over multiple point products. In addition, with its flexible pricing and licensing models, organizations can easily forecast and budget as their data protection needs grow. Commvault is an industry leader, and it was named the highest in execution and furthest in vision, according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software.

Pure Storage has taken a very unique approach to investment protection with its Evergreen™ Storage. Evergreen Storage enables customers to deploy their system and then upgrade it every three years with the newest storage. Receive faster storage with no upgrade cost, and no increase in maintenance costs.

Earlier this week Pure Storage announced it is expanding Evergreen Storage to eliminate customer risk with its 'Right Size' guarantee and 'Capacity Consolidation.' Right Size ensures the solution is properly sized, or Pure Storage will make up the difference with additional storage at no charge. 'Capacity Consolidation' enables customers to expand and consolidate their capacity with denser flash without having to re-purchase any of their hardware or software. In other words, pay once for hardware and software capacity and own it forever. This investment protection innovation has been recognized by Gartner and contributed to Pure Storage being named a Solid-State Array leader, Gartner's 2015 Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays report.

Investment protection can only be achieved if proactively included in the buying criteria. Be sure your next purchasing decision includes these three key factors to ensure long-term success.