We Just Dont Talk the Talk When It Comes to Leveraging the Power of Data - We Also Walk The Walk

Posted 06/01/2016 by Chris Powell

As a data protection solutions provider, perhaps Commvault understands better than most that the increasing volumes of data being generated and collected by enterprises – on product performance, on customer behavior, on employee satisfaction – represents a great challenge, AND a great opportunity for most companies.

Recently, this commitment to data measurement and analytics was recognized by one of the world’s leading research and advisory firms on B2B marketing, SiriusDecisions, when it named Commvault a winner of its Return on Integration (ROI) Award for our data-driven approach to digital content marketing.

I am particularly excited about this award because it provides external acknowledgment for what we have known internally at Commvault for some time -- that Dawn Colossi and her digital team have implemented a powerful data-driven content marketing program that has strengthened our brand and boosted revenue. In addition, it further validates our core customer value proposition: that if you better protect and use your data, you will make informed business decisions and produce superior business results. It also confirms that when it comes to leveraging the power of data, Commvault does just not talk the talk, it also walks the walk.


How do we walk this walk? In the case of content marketing program, we started by looking closely at our marketing data and specifically what our audiences liked reading about most. This analysis revealed that they were most interested in reading content that addressed their specific business problems. So we adjusted our content marketing strategy and focused more on creating content that would help our audiences solve their business problems, and less on our products’ technical details. By creating content that is more compelling and relevant, we have demonstrated to our customers that we both understand their business challenges and that we can help them solve them. This customer-focused approach to the content we produce has helped us improve our conversations with our audiences; our data shows that digitally engaged customers are more likely to purchase and install our solutions.

Through our data-driven digital engagement model we have also confirmed something we all know instinctively: that the customer journey is not short, and it is not linear. Often our audiences view five, 10, 15 or more different pieces and types of content before they are ready to evaluate our product. So we have enhanced our customer nurturing programs, supporting them – though not pushing them – as they move forward on their customer journey. In addition, our data showed that we need to take a holistic approach to our content and make sure we don’t provide our audiences with a series of unconnected vignettes about their challenges (and our solutions). Rather, we need to develop a larger story in which every piece of content is tied together into a comprehensive narrative.

While we have made great strides, we know can still improve and make our content marketing program even smarter. So we will continue to dig deep into our digital engagement data and further increase our understanding of audiences’ needs across all the stages of their journey. This will enable us to develop even more timely, relevant and interesting content, and improve our delivery of this content, ensuring that our audiences see in the right place and at the right time. Given our company’s commitment to providing customers with solutions that allow them to leverage the power of their data for business advantage, how could we not?

Chris Powell brings more than two decades of business acumen and management experience to Commvault as Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, and as executive sponsor for the company’s worldwide sustainability initiative.