Who Knew Cloud Storage Was 'Cool?'

Posted 06/17/2016 by Randy De Meno

I had the pleasure of presenting three times at the recent Cloud Expo in New York City. It was a nice chance to stay local and almost be at home during an industry event. At the Expo, I was struck by how many people asked me: 'What Cloud technology do you suggest?' We are regularly entertaining that question from customers and partners more and more at Commvault. It feels eerily similar to several years ago, when we were frequently asked: 'What SAN/NAS do we suggest?' The times they have a changed.

My answer is always: “Be sure you select a vendor you know will be around in five years and make sure that vendor is truly neutral – not just using its public/private cloud in a way to exclusively upsell you on its own technologies.”

In addition to answering general questions about cloud technologies, I am always happy to discuss new offerings from our key partners. Microsoft’s new “Cool” storage offering has provided me with more information for customers and partners. This becomes the third “Blob” option within the Azure infrastructure for storage. “Block Blob” was the original, followed by “Page Blob,” which is ideal for customers often leveraging Commvault’s global deduplication.

'Cool' storage is priced significantly cheaper than 'Block' or 'Page Blobs' and is ideal for data that isn’t recalled more than twice per month. It becomes an ideal long-term backup and/or archiving target and works well with Commvault’s granular application management (i.e. SharePoint, on-prem Exchange or O365/Exchange).

We’re also delighted that Microsoft featured Commvault first among its partners when the announcement-via-blog was made. Once again, Commvault officially supported this new functionality within the lasted update to Commvault Software (v11).