Better Data Protection and Warm Popcorn

Posted 03/30/2016 by Commvault

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Finally! You take a break to unwind and enjoy that movie you’ve been waiting to watch. Among the clutter of pillows, toys and papers, the search is on for the remote controls – one each for the TV, stereo receiver, DVD player, streaming media box, DVR and Web. After some digging around, the remotes are found and the search is on. A universal remote control would be nice, but where is the movie? Is it on the DVR, DVD, streaming box, live TV or Web? You spend a few minutes searching and settle on a show that’s good enough for now. After all, the popcorn is getting cold.

It’s the same at work. Your company has a data protection plan that likely includes some mix of snapshots, backup, archive, replication, disaster recovery and reporting. It requires the use of separate software, hardware, services and staff. The result: silos of company data, stored on expensive vendor specific storage that can only be accessed via separate user interfaces. Data recovery is slow and unreliable. You suspect that terabytes of data should be archived, but that’s a long and separate process. You dread the requests for virtual machine recovery, eDiscovery and department charge back reporting. And don’t ask about the Cloud. If only there was a 'universal remote' control to easily protect, recover, manage and leverage your enterprise data. And something to get rid of those darn data silos - well, you’re in luck!

Only Commvault delivers a unified, integrated, automated data protection platform that provides a single, complete view of all your data – on-premises, off-premises, or in the Cloud. It enables organizations to quickly protect data and applications across the enterprise: including virtual, physical, cloud, NAS, remote office, mobile devices and desktop/laptop environments.

What makes Commvault software so special? For starters, it works on just about any system, application, storage, OS and environment. Utilize what you already have or pick your favorite flavors of physical, virtual or Cloud storage – no storage vendor lock-in here. If you prefer an all-in-one, scalable solution, we’ve got that, too, via the Commvault Backup Appliance family. You get the freedom to select what works best for you and lower costs too.

Commvault also eliminates silos of data by storing your snapshots, backups, archives, replication and disaster recovery data in the Commvault ContentStore. Unlike other solutions, Commvault utilizes a single index architecture, so the ContentStore provides a single, virtual data repository for all of your data. It supports just about any mix of storage types and delivers a single user interface, so it’s easy to recover, manage, and leverage your data wherever it resides.

The ContentStore’s virtual data repository is fully indexed, deduplicated, secure and searchable. It’s never been easier to recover data, support e-discovery requests, or automatically move data to separate storage tiers in support of archiving and lifecycle management initiatives. And self-service recovery options, along with support for mobile devices reduces the burden on IT staff. It frees your team to work on other projects, while making employees more productive, too.

It’s no surprise that industry analyst Gartner selected Commvault as an industry leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances for five years in a row.

Also, industry analyst Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) encourages organizations to treat their data as a strategic asset and “recommends that organizations seek out integrated approaches to data protection; approaches that support multiple 'colors' of the data protection spectrum under a single management/policy lens."

So do yourself a favor and learn more about Commvault solutions today. Then get back to searching for that movie, before the popcorn gets cold.