IDC Survey Findings Reinforce Key Customer Data Management Needs around Risk Reduction, Productivity and Simplification

Posted 03/09/2016 by Miranda Lenning

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We understand that there are a lot of choices out there when deciding how to protect and manage your data and we’ve always taken great pride on how on how fanatical our customer base seems to be. While our customers are very quick to tell you how they meet their backup windows, can restore within their given RTO or even accelerate their move to the cloud, we wanted to understand if they were getting the right amount of bang for their buck.

So to be able to understand where our customers saw value from their Commvault investment, we turned to IDC, a provider of market intelligence for the information technology industry. We gave them full, unfettered access to our worldwide customer base and had them ask our customers if, and how, they were getting value out of their Commvault solution.

We chose IDC for a couple reasons. First, we have a strong relationship with them globally and we were confident in their ability to create a thorough survey that would give customers a real opportunity to provide feedback. We also wanted our customers to feel like they could be candid, so we had IDC distribute the survey, instead of sending it ourselves. Finally, we wanted the results to be credible and unfiltered, so we put the data in the hands of the experts at IDC to sanitize and create themes around the responses, without filtering out any negative input. The bottom line is that the results are real and representative of our customers.

So what did our customers say? IDC found that Commvault customers reported high levels of satisfaction, largely due to their ability to drive value back to their organization through the use of Commvault solutions. Customers also achieved value by augmenting or replacing competitive data management solutions—everything from VM backup point products to market-leading enterprise solutions.

To simplify it, IDC netted the results out to three major themes:

  • Simplification, including reducing both opex and capex
  • Risk reduction in terms of downtime, data loss, recovery speed and litigation support
  • Productivity gains, both tactically and strategically

So, naysayers may think this thing is rigged, right? Understandable, but don’t take our word for it. This is one of the main reasons we turned to IDC for help—to ensure a credible, unaltered and authentic voice from our customer base. Phil Goodwin, Research Director at IDC, was intimately involved in reviewing the responses and shared his perspective.

Let me give you a soundbite from Phil: “Vendors always claim that their products deliver this benefit or that value. But quantifying results can be tricky and is often thought to be gamed, whether it really is or not. In this survey we let the customers give us their own quantifications,” Goodwin said. “Moreover we surveyed Commvault’s entire customer base. We didn’t allow them to cherry pick the respondents. 700 respondents is a very high response rate and let’s be honest, people with a beef are the most likely to respond to this kind of survey. We gave them the opportunity to express the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, the fact that a large number of users responded and that the responses were generally very favorable, gives us a good indication of customer satisfaction.” Want to hear more? Watch the two minute video.

It’s also worth taking a look at some specific customer comments behind the data. IDC was able to capture feedback provided verbatim by our customers as part of their survey response. Here are just a few snippets that validate some of the findings. More can be found on the final page of the full IDC report:

  Before Commvault we had four engineers looking after the backup operations; after Commvault deployment, there was only one major engineer and one assistant engineer to run the whole operation.  

We’re excited not only about the positive reaction from our customers, but also from the insights that we’ve secured from the survey. It’s reassuring that the gains customers highlighted as critical to their success align directly with what we’re seeing. But don’t take it from me, see what our customers had to say. A sneak peek: Our business is the market, and we have been very efficient in backing up and recovering/restoring data as per business demand in a fraction of the time that we used to do before Commvault.”

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