Accelerating Your Cloud Migrations

Posted 11/09/2016 by Matt Tyrer

In my session at Commvault GO, Commvault’s inaugural customer conference, we embraced the fact that the cloud is no longer something on the horizon or bleeding edge to be examined later on, but a shift in how organizations must now look at their data and themselves in terms of where their assets live and die. The cloud is here, it is mature and it is something that cannot be ignored. There are several things to consider as one examines their strategies for cloud-enabled IT.  

So why are we not all there yet? What has been holding you back? In many cases the hesitation boils down to security and the question of how can you ensure that the data is secure in transit and while resident within the Cloud. This extends into data privacy, sovereignty, and governance types of discussions as well. If your organization has such requirements, then you need to be aware of how you manage and control those data assets once they’ve been migrated.   

The Commvault approach, as per the keynote from Commvault CEO Bob Hammer, is really to focus on the fact that "it’s all about the data." Through Commvault's offerings, you can truly extend your data center to encompass your cloud assets. This gives you the seamless portability to move data to and from the cloud. Selectively choose what data needs to move, when and where, regardless of data type, OS or even hypervisor. This decoupling of the data enables the real freedom here. It allows you to manage, protect and recover data within the cloud itself just as if it were still within the four walls of your data center. For, after all, what is the cloud but just another location for you? Why should the SLAs and IT deliverables to the business be any different up there than it is down here?  Manage both as if they were one.

In summary, the session focused on making you aware of how you can leverage your investment in Commvault to accelerate your migration to the cloud, secure and protect that data in the cloud, and recover anywhere any time. You have the tools in the toolkit, now you know how you can use them.



Matt Tyrer, with nearly a decade of Commvault sales and technical expertise, is the Solutions Marketing lead for the Americas. He has more than 18 years of experience in the IT industry, covering data and information management, cloud, compliance, enterprise storage, data center consolidation and migration, disaster recovery for public and private sector clients across Canada and around the globe.