Eliminate NAS Growing Pains

Posted 10/14/2016 by Commvault

Not long ago, a computer industry maven supposedly proclaimed, “640K of memory should be enough for anybody.” Boy, have times changed! Today, computer system memory and storage capacities far exceed what anyone could have imagined. According to research from industry analyst IDC1, in 2010 the entire digital universe consisted of about 1.2ZB of data. And by 2020, the digital universe will grow to more than 44ZB, with about 79 percent consisting of unstructured data! So where does all this unstructured data reside?

Most enterprise organizations deploy network attached storage (NAS) systems as an efficient, cost-effective method to retain and share data. Since a large percentage of that data is unstructured, it’s no surprise that many admins face an ongoing challenge to optimize NAS capacity and performance, manage costs, and protect critical data. Fortunately, Commvault’s innovative data protection, backup and recovery solutions provide cost-effective scalability to meet current and future business needs.

For example, NAS backup and recovery, via the network management data protocol (NDMP), has been around for many years. Commvault supports this method and also enables the use of multiple concurrent NDMP streams for increased performance. Commvault also automatically indexes protected data for simplified search/compliance activities, and delivers cross-platform recovery for extra flexibility. While this approach meets the needs of some organizations, those seeking to implement larger NAS solutions often find they are unable to complete the recurring level-0 fulls within available backup windows. While some vendors offer expensive, single-purpose 'NDMP Accelerators,' their value is short-lived and backup bottlenecks soon reoccur. In addition, organizations seeking to deploy NetApp storage systems with the scalable NetApp Infinite Volumes architecture must seek alternate data protection methods, since backup via NDMP is not supported.

Commvault’s innovative snapshot management technology, IntelliSnap®, provides a fast and highly scalable data protection and recovery solution for NAS systems. Unlike 'traditional' snapshot solutions, IntelliSnap also orchestrates the movement of snapshot data to create backup copies, replication copies and more. Optimized for NetApp NAS systems, IntelliSnap efficiently leverages NetApp 'SnapDiff' functionality, which quickly identifies the file and directory differences between two snapshot copies. As a result, IntelliSnap snapshots are extremely fast and efficient. In addition, IntelliSnap provides the option to skip or defer cataloging for faster snapshots, is completely automated (say goodbye to complex scripting), and provides application consistent recovery points.

Of course, most everyone knows that snapshots are not a substitute for backups. IntelliSnap also makes it easy to back up NetApp NAS systems, since backups can be created from the IntelliSnap snapshots. In addition, the 'Live Browse' capability enables admins to quickly mount the snapshot volume to access data in native format on the fly. And IntelliSnap snapshot retention is policy based, making it easy to set up and manage desired recovery points while optimizing NAS capacity and performance. This provides enterprise organizations with granular data protection via snapshots throughout the day, snapshot replication, and fast, efficient daily backups, too. All completely orchestrated by IntelliSnap.

So it’s no surprise that Commvault is positioned the highest on execution and furthest on vision as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software. Learn more about how Commvault Data Protection, Backup and Recovery Solutions can help your organization.


1 Source: IDC, Digital Universe Study 2014