Commvault’s Metallic DMaaS Featured at Microsoft Inspire: An Innovative Solution Designed for Partners Looking to Solve Their Customers’ Top Data Challenges

By Bill Byron Concevitch

It’s time to get in on the Metallic Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) offering that’s gone from zero to $50M in record time

At Microsoft’s Inspire partner event this week (July19-21), there’ll be a significant focus on data management. Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and the threats to data loom larger today than ever before.

Today’s customers face significant data challenges. They’re looking for trusted experts—partners they can rely on to solve these issues with innovative, proven solutions. Customers are also suffering from point solution fatigue: needing one solution to protect some data, another to protect other data—on and on and on. They’re also looking for solutions that are proven to deliver results—solutions that deliver the results they promise.

Tired of managing so many solutions to meet your customers’ data challenges? (They are, too!)

Now, you can help end this madness. With Metallic, you get industry-leading Commvault technology, in a lightweight SaaS-delivery model.  Enterprise data management that’s proven to safeguard entire customer data estates from deletion, corruption, and attack. It empowers businesses to protect and manage any workload—no matter where it lives and where it may need to live in the future—across on-prem, cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, SaaS, and the edge. It’s something no other solution can deliver on—and it’s exactly what your customers need.

If you want to be the partner of choice and win big as data protection transforms, it’s time to take a serious look at Metallic. If you don’t have a data protection practice and you need to start one, Metallic can be the cornerstone of your new practice. Here’s why:

  • The world of data protection and data management is moving to SaaS: All the experts agree that data protection is swiftly moving to SaaS. If you’re not offering solutions that meet your customers’ needs, you risk losing your customer base to someone who is. With Metallic, Commvault gives you a solution in your portfolio that is the best in class, best in DMaaS—and so much more. Plus, no infrastructure or operational support needed—Metallic provides it all for your customers.
  • Metallic is built on proven technology and a shared vision with Microsoft: Metallic is built on Azure and born out of 25+ years of joint engineering with Microsoft. Metallic is proven technology—it’s feature rich, supporting the widest range of workloads.
  • Ransomware recovery starts before you’re compromised: As the ONLY DMaaS provider to achieve FedRAMP High status, Metallic offers a hardened, multi-layered approach to preserving and recovering data in the face of attack.   But we take it one step further. Withfully integrated cyber deception, Metallic ThreatWise™ enables you to actively defend your data the moment an attack begins (not just recover from them). These unique and differentiated capabilities drive bad actors away from real data, and immediately surface zero-day and unknown threats before encryption, leakage, exfiltration, or theft. It’s unparalleled protection you can offer with Metallic.

Are you ready to win in the rapidly transforming data management market? If so, you’re ready for Metallic.

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