Hedvig product name changed to Commvault® Distributed Storage

By Greg Bennett

What happened?

We changed the name of the Hedvig product from the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform™ to Commvault® Distributed Storage.

Please note that we no longer include the word ‘Platform’ in the description and there is no longer a ™ at the end of the name. The ® is after the word Commvault, like with the other products (e.g., Commvault® Backup & Recovery, Commvault® Disaster Recovery).

When did this happen?

The change happened on March 15, 2021, aligned to FR 11.23/Hedvig 4.3 release.

There was no formal press activity around this name change, we simply updated the Partner Portal and the core assets to reflect the name change.

Why did we do this?

We made this change to fully incorporate Hedvig into the Commvault master brand. It’s been ~18 months since the acquisition and we wanted to wait to change the name until after Hedvig technology had been fully integrated into the HyperScale X portfolio. This integration initially happened with the appliance in July 2020 and then with the reference designs in November. These integrations not only significantly improved the product’s performance, resilience, and scalability, but they also served as a logical time to make the name change.

Are there any other changes happening along with this?

While the product capabilities are not changing, we’re tweaking how we position Commvault Distributed Storage. Up to this point, we have targeted four use cases across primary and secondary storage: virtualization and containers for primary storage, and backup and object storage for secondary storage.

Given the Hedvig technology integration with HyperScale X and that HyperScale X is our flagship product for backup, we will lead with HyperScale X for the backup use case. This simplifies our story.

The other use cases remain unchanged. Moving forward, we will look to increase our mindshare for primary storage, and more specifically virtualization and containers storage, which will allow us to be more targeted in our messaging for personas like DevOps.

For additional information, please check out the Commvault Distributed Storage page on the partner portal or on commvault.com.