By Commvault Last week another massive corporate data breach was announced. One of the largest ever. This time it was Equifax. Although this example might demonstrate the impact of personal data loss, it does highlight how important it is for corporations to protect and secure their data. As data professionals, we have a responsibility for the confidentiality, […]

By John Gladstone As everyone involved in the collection, protection, storage and use of personal data is well aware, The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect May 25, 2018. Many healthcare organisations are wrestling with compliance and establishing a cohesive and rigorous response to the challenges. Although the new GDPR applies to all domains […]

By Commvault We’ve enjoyed a long and extremely successful partnership with Cisco, and in today’s blog I’m delighted to announce news that opens up a new chapter in our already highly successful alliance.  Commvault has joined Cisco’s Solutions Plus program, which means that starting from October 2017 Commvault Data Platform Solutions will be part of […]

By Dave Orban Are you responsible for leading your firm’s virtualization software strategy?  If so, chances are that both your flight and hotel have long been booked for VMworld 2017, taking place less than two weeks away in “what happens there, stays there” land. Of course, we mean Las Vegas, Nev. As a longtime VMworld Platinum […]

By Chris Powell Today Gartner has published the latest version of the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup & Recovery Solutions. For those responsible for data, this MQ is the definitive overview of a particular portion of the IT market – in this case, Commvault’s core expertise. This report provides invaluable information if you are: […]

By Gregg Ogden Usually after a big incident. such as the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack, there’s a huge spike in awareness and a thirst for information about detection, prevention and recovery. But then the interest quickly subsides. Well, this time, we got hit with yet another global ransomware attack in the form of an old malware […]

By Nigel Tozer The winds of change are blowing stronger when it comes to compliance and, in particular, around privacy. Regulations regarding privacy are being beefed-up globally; Australia made significant changes in 2014, Japan’s amendments landed in May and the second stage of South Africa’s PoPI will get introduced this year. The European Union’s General […]

By Nigel Tozer In a previous blog on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), I touched on cloud services, data ‘ownership’ and responsibilities, which prompted questions that I thought would be a good topic in this space. If you are like many around the world, you’re looking into GDPR and finding you’ve got data in public clouds and/or you’re […]

By Matt Tyrer 1. How do I implement virtualization protections? What virtualization platform does Commvault support? Virtualization is actually the easiest thing to implement. Because of the Commvault data platform’s deep integration with more hypervisors than you can shake a stick at, we can be deployed and protecting your virtual infrastructure within minutes. A single […]

By Nigel Tozer Even those who place their ear to the ground infrequently will have heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the stringent European Union privacy regulations set for enforcement beginning next May. As a reminder, even if you’re not an EU business, but trade there, it will affect you. Get ready or face a hit […]

By Gregg Ogden Apparently bolstered by the ‘success’ of the ‘WannaCry’ attack in May, ransomware cyber attackers have launched another wide-scale strike. This time they’ve leveraged the Petya strain, which uses an older style MBR (master boot record) virus for their nefarious objective – holding your data for ransom! Much like the WannaCry attack, it’s […]

By Commvault It’s hard to go back to coach, as “Seinfeld” touched on in its famous flying first class episode. Many of you whom are avid travelers can relate to this. The smaller seats, cramped leg room, inferior snacks and meals, miniature in-flight entertainment system, to name just a few, are more noticeable than ever. Given […]