By Commvault Your antivirus, anti-phishing and intrusion detection vendors all have their heads in the sand when it comes to data protection. And you need to protect yourself from their short sightedness! That’s one of the big the takeaways from last month’s Black Hat Asia conference in Singapore. And given last week’s unprecedented ransomware attack that affected […]

By Commvault Let’s talk about collateral damage and the innocent casualties of war. I’m not talking about Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. I’m talking about the ‘WannaCry/WannaCrypt0r’ malware attack that attacked more than 150 countries and multiple utilities, government and healthcare institutions this past weekend. And, no, I am not trying to be cheeky or insensitive. This […]

By Kalyani Kallakuri Are you at the precipice of defeat when it comes to the thought of ransomware? Does the chaos that will likely ensue after a ransomware attack keep you away from your core business focus? At Commvault, we – on the heels of an extensive ransomware attack that affected more than 75,000 systems in 150-plus […]

By Gregg Ogden We’ve all heard the warnings from industry gurus about the potential threat of ransomware, but for multiple reasons most of the warnings went unheeded. Perhaps it was denial that it could happen, or at least happen to you – or maybe the constant chatter of threats had numbed your senses to the […]

By Commvault Today’s modern working world is far different from the one we grew up. Water cooler conversations, typed memos and in-person meeting defined the landscape, far different from today’s reality. Driven by a voracious appetite for information, and a millennial-fueled demand for borderless social work team collaboration, the ‘way we work’ has changed, and […]

By Jen Newman Cloud seems to be on everyone’s mind lately, but the focus seems to be on how to force cloud into your current environment instead of developing a Cloud-First strategy. To your executives, it’s about integrating the cloud into everything you do while reducing costs. At the IT level, it’s about what infrastructure (on-premises or […]

By Jeanna James Data protection is an important conversation for every Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer. Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user expanding your cloud initiatives, data management and protection are important aspects of every cloud strategy. Join Commvault at the AWS Summit San Francisco this month to learn how […]

By Matt Tyrer I wanted to call this “Get to the Choppa,” but while that would have satisfied my need for humor, nobody would have had a clue what this article is about – namely, how you get to the cloud is important! When you’re traveling abroad, knowing the language definitely comes in handy. The […]

By Commvault At Cisco Live Melbourne this week, Commvault announced the availability of Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for the protection of Virtual Server Infrastructure (VSI) running on FlashStack with Commvault.  Commvault provides an end-to-end data management solution for FlashStack. FlashStack is a flexible, all flash-converged infrastructure solution with a hardware foundation that includes Cisco UCS Servers, Nexus […]

By Randy DeMeno A customer’s journey to the cloud and Azure can be a curious one for those starting out. Using Azure as a storage tier is a simple endeavor, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to leveraging Commvault with Azure. As the first Windows ISV to be Azure Certified, […]

By Matt Tyrer Choice! It’s an important part of our everyday lives and a critical element in the digital transformation facing organizations. To that end, there has been an ongoing debate in IT regarding agents vs. agent-less approaches to data protection. This is further blurred by some solutions that temporarily install an agent and then remove it mid-flight […]