The data center as we know it is disappearing, and forward-thinking organizations are not only embracing this new reality – they are capitalizing on it. Cisco is leading the way in the race to “Data Center Anywhere,” and this is the focus of the message Cisco’s leadership will share at Commvault GO on Oct. 14-16 in Denver.

While Azure is often referred to by Microsoft as “the world’s computer,” organizations around the globe buying into this premise are looking for ways to accelerate and optimize their use of Azure. This means finding the most effective ways to get their data into Azure and gain added business value, while keeping it secure and accessible.

This is the third and final blog in the series looking at how NetApp and Commvault jointly solve the biggest issues relating to cloud data management. In the first piece, I looked at public cloud, then Jeff Leeds from NetApp did a really thought-provoking guest blog that looked at hybrid cloud and multi cloud approaches to data. This time, I turn my sights to on-premises cloud.

There has never been a better time to be in IT. With so many compelling, new technologies simultaneously converging, IT professionals have endless choices to advance their modernization initiatives and multi cloud strategies. However, they must first rein in the sprawling infrastructure, applications and environmental chaos they endure today. I get it – I’ve sat with you on the other side of the table when I was a CIO.

Just like an all-you-can eat buffet, there are endless choices of infrastructure modernization sessions at Commvault GO, the premier data readiness event. In fact, there are more than 120 sessions. The best part is you will hear from your peers as more than 70 percent of the sessions are led by Commvault customers, industry analysts and technology partners.

This past week, my 14 year-old daughter participated as part of the Global Climate Strike in Philadelphia. It was inspiring to see her and so many people around the world mobilizing in advance of this week’s UN’s Climate Action Summit. It is a sign of what’s possible, a show of solidarity, and gives us hope that together we can be a force.